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From Now On, Showtime! Season 1 Episode 3

From Now On, Showtime! is a korean movie focused on Cha Cha Woong who is a famous if somewhat sardonic stage and TV magician with a taste for the spectacular.

His tricks dazzle viewers, but little do most audience know – he has a team of secret supporters! However, these are no ordinary magicians’ assistants: They are actually ghosts.

One faithful day, his path crosses with that of a young man who is passionate police officer and can also see ghosts… What to know what happened? Kindly find out by downloading the available episodes of From Now On, Showtime!

From Now On, Showtime! Korean Movie Series Informations

FILE NAME: From Now On, Showtime!
SEASON/EPISODE: Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
SOURCE: From.Now.On.Showtime.S01.KOREAN.1080p.VIU.WEBRip.AAC.x264-iTsOK

What happened in S0E03?

Death is better than becoming a shaman! Choi Geom, the General Spirit that Cha Woong’s family serves, tries to convince Cha Woong to accept his fate as a shaman. However, Cha Woong endures the General’s curse and refuses to give in. Finally, Geom suggests an alternative solution…. Download to know what happened.

Learn more about the movie at Wikipedia or Episode 2 of from now, showtimes!

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