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Auchi Is Not Too Far From Okene, We Demand For Public Apology – Ebira Youths Warns Apostle Johnson Suleman


Ebira youths has taken the social media to react over the viral video of the founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

In the video which went viral during last Tuesday, January 23, that Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries was over heard saying “You want to wear a brazilian hair on ebira head

However, many kogites who condemned the pastor’s words has reacted to the video, while some also supported the pastor’s moves.

See some reactions with vidoe;


It’s not uncommon to come across a Nigerian clergyman, who is energetic, anointed, gifted and vocal, but lacking in basic hermeneutical and pedagogical skills. This can be proven by the rife gaffs we see and watch them make every now and again.

There is a video, currently in circulation on the social media space where the head of the clergy of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman made a statement during a sermon, an allusion that many, especially of the Ebira extract have found rather offensive and insulting, than its prolly intended message.

The entire message is not available for careful perusal, but, I’ll try to drive a context from the clip.

I believe what he said was intended as a figure of speech. I believe he meant the innuendo, as simply a geographical contrast, and not to denigrate or disparage or malign the highly adored and appraised beauties of Ebira land.

“…A Brazilian hair on an Ebira head…” Sounds to me, an allusion juxtaposing the geographies to drive home the point of what a spendthrift and profligate those “prostitutes with high tastes” he mentioned earlier are.

Just like using the “Ogàné and Omavi” contrast as an allusion to the misplacement of obeisances.
Or, for one to “Ka’eika” as the Ebira connotation of an Irony.

Of course, when we use these in the Ebira language, we do not mean the people of those places literally. They’re simply figures of speech—Symbols in the imageries.

The idea of choice of tribe to use in the innuendo was not critically thought through obviously; and sadly so for a clergyman who pastors a mix of tribes and races. But, I believe it’s more the figure of speech, than it is a ploy to cast that kind of aspersion on our worksome tribeswoman.

Every well meaning, hardworking Ebira lady and even, the men have every right to be upset by the statement. The comparison was uncalled for. Ebira ladies are not just embodiments of character, but academic pacesetters and record breakers. As at 2016, my very immediate elder sister, Maryann Ahuoiza Shaibu graduated as the overall best student from her higher institution of learning. So have several others set all time records! This doesn’t sound like an air-brained or empty-headed set to me! Therefore, making the extrapolation that he alluded to the idea that Ebira ladies lack academic adeptness, unfounded and unprovable.

So, I beg that we row our boats a bit past the aroused sentiment, to engage the semantics, and then, judge from that seat.

* This is not to hold brief for the said Apostle, but, to simply present a perspective.
* Also, this doesn’t in any way, exonerate the clergyman of his errors. He should know better to be careful not to err in words. Too much gaffs from his end in recent times I must say.

It’s on this note that I humbly plead heartily with all Ebira sons and daughters, who have aired their grievances on this matter, for the sake of God before whom our hearts and his are tabled unclad, to sheath their swords, and let this slide. We are a people of substance, virtue and character, who have invariably marked ourselves out as a dexterous, industrious illustrious and hence, invaluable assets to the nation at large! I beg that we shouldn’t be shaken or moved by invectives off the mouths of uncouth men or women. We are proudly Anebira and we are forgiving. Ebiraland continues to succeed and prosper!


Ben James
Nurse. Sage

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Posted By: Citizen Nagaziman


If you grew up in the Farming Communities of the Southwestern Nigerian. You will understand why my Ebira people seems to be uncomfortable with the use of the word “Brazilian head on Ebira head” by Johnson Suleman. His intention might not be to insult the Ebiras but as a leader that he is supposed to be, such words are insensitive and shouldn’t be coming from him especially when he was talking about prostitution, Ebira Ladies are not prostitutes, We know the people that travel as far as Italy for that hustle and they are majorly his neighbor 😂😂.

Growing up in Ado Ekiti, My Father told me a story!
There was an offensive joke, the Yorubas use to make, for instance, if there is an accident and say 5 persons died in the accident. 1 Yoruba Man and 4 Ebira Men.

If you ask them, how many people died, they will respond by telling you 1 Human being and 4 Ebiras.
“Eniyan kan, Ebira Merin”. What they meant by implication is that Ebiras are not human.

It took the Ebira a while to understand that this jokes was insultive and derogatory because of language barrier.
When they eventually understood, that it was an Insult, it resulted in serious Tribal conflict and was eventually swiftly brought under control by the community Leaders as I was told.

I understand some of you think there is nothing wrong with what your Apostle has Said about Brazilian hair on a “Ebira Head”, yes you are very correct, I can’t think for you!
I am proudly Anebira and My Big Ebira Head is filled with Ideas, If I have Money I will buy Brazilian hair and Bone Straight hair for all the Ebira Ladies on my friend list to wear on their “Ebira Head”

What’s your opinion so far?

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