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Fatai Rolling Dollar – Easy Motion Tourist (Jazzy Mix)

Fatai Rolling Dollar - Awure Bansa


Easy Motion Tourist (Jazzy Mix) Audio MP3 is yet another wonderful work by Olayiwola Fatai Olagunju, known professionally as Fatai Rolling Dollar, a Nigerian jùjú singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, described by the BBC as a “nationally celebrated performer.”

SONG NAME: Easy Motion Tourist (Jazzy Mix)
ARTIST(S): Fatai Rolling Dollar
TYPE: Album

We’re glad to say Easy Motion Tourist (Jazzy Mix) Audio MP3 by Fatai Rolling Dollar was uploaded on here to help reach more people, especially those that might not afford large internet subscriptions as well as those that just wants to stream and download audio files only.

Who Was Fatai Rolling Dollar?

Fatai Rolling Dollar was born Prince Olayiwola Fatai Olagunju on the 22nd of July, 1927 to Chief Olagungu, in Ede, Osun state.

When he was nine years old, his schoolmates gave him the nickname that would later become his stage name because he was always carrying around two shillings that his father gave him to spend on his brother and sister when he (the father) is abroad.

Fatai Rolling Dollar – Easy Motion Tourist (Jazzy Mix) (Mp3 Download)

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