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Kogi fast rising female Music star, Sharon Sonia who hails from the Central Part of the State has beyond any reasonable doubt has secured grounds in Kogi Music industry, of which no Artist has ever never done.

Her captivating and heart-capturing voice coupled with her talent and determination has secured her a place in the hearts of her fans and supporters.

She recently dropped her single Jamz titled “BABA I DEY BEG”, this hit has been trending and fans giving her accolades for the messages and prayers conveyed in the song.

Few days ago, Sharon came out publicly to advice youths who are Drug Addicts to try all possible means to curb the act and also charge those who aren’t drug addicts the need to stop the act of judging and criticizing drug addicts, as she was also a victim and it took God’s grace to rescue her.

#TheMatter has been on Trend for few days now, until a Facebook user by name “Ibrahim Zuweirah” came out publicly to call the Musical Star a LESBIAN.
In her words, she said;
“I rather do drugs than to be a Chronic Lesbian. So dear Sharon Sonia, I am not Neemat and you can’t try shit with me”.

This is coming few hours after she accused the Musical Star of also dating a Politician. She said;
“Sharon Sonia, I now see reason y Unique insulted u. U are dating a politician as well, yet u stupidly supported d girl and now u are saying trash abi🙄 am coming fess.”

Responding to this allegations, the Musical Star said;
“I have been ignoring series of blasphemy and insults from people all because I easily feel sorry for people and because I don’t know how to forgive. This bastard here has been rubbishing my name and dragging me to the mud without me offending her.

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All I do is to supporting this same girl financially whenever she’s in need and request for my help. Few weeks ago,I advised her to stop insulting Sarah because she was insulting her and mentioning her name on Facebook. I advised her and she even thanked me through dm.

She told me to help her with 2k the next day,I told her I cant help her cos I’ve got allot to do. I intentionally didn’t give her the money cos I wasn’t happy with her attitude. This demented Godforsakken girl started insulting me on Facebook without having the fear of God in her. Calling me a lesbian and all sort of ill names.

Zuweirat,okene is a very small place for you to hide cos you’ll explain soon if I did lesbianism with your mother,your sister and yourself.

You wont only pay for defaming my name,you will bring proves of how you’ve caught me in the act. I didn’t say no body should shake table,shake the table and mention my name and face the law. To others that are trying to bring me down by all means,I am ready for you all. Y’all bunch of hypocrites,Y’all swear you haven’t eaten my money and God will punish you more.

You come here to insult me cos you think as a public figure I won’t respond? You don’t expect me to bring myself to your level,I know how to deal with y’all. Pls mention my name the way this one did and we’ll proceed.”

Opinion has been coming in about why the Facebook user decided to rubbish the name of the Star, should we say this is but a mere act of blasphemy, misconception or she means business???
Stick to the page, as we proceed to find out the root of this whole matter.


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  • atimes i wonder y pple dnt learn 2 mind der busines, y cnt u guys gve sharon a breathing space, dis is her life wats ur busines in hw she wnt 2 live it, wel i blame her 4 hveing time 4 enemy of progres,

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,u need not insult,call each other names or fighting each other! On a social media or any where! Pls is an act of zero maturities! Fight and get it right……. that what determines the future right now is numbers of good input you get to yourself right now! Love, respect and have passion 4 your carriers now stand with it, be compasionate, raise a good figure now that the power is there!
    Forgive and forget any negative opinions or names any body call any body! You know your name you answer it right! You don’t answer any name any one call you! You answer it should it’s your name! Thank you.
    I repeat pursue you carriers now while you still enjoy the fruit of youthful age!(power, energy,zeel etc)

  • Hatred has been a legacy for our forefathers and it has been inherited by this generation, and the generation to come will continue dealing with it ( Black people with black sense)
    My advice for her is to keep mute. The more she’s responding to their message the more she’s giving them dexterous promotion. She should be focus and put them on assumption. Block them from your Medias, stay off their pages. All they want is to celebrate your downfall.
    Let your faith keep you going there is no limit to what you can achieve… Thanks

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