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Learn How to Become a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria, Get The Latest 2021 Yahoo Boys Scamming Format, WhatsApp Group Links, Pickers And Clients

The trending Yahoo boys business in Nigeria is one of the most illegitimate online businesses, however you ought to be extra careful and aware of what you’re doing, as it might land you in jail if caught!

It is unlucky that most Gee boys now switch to Yahoo plus due to the fact that they agree with the trends that Yahoo no longer pays.

But the fact is that it Yahoo still pays, and 10x better than Yahoo Plus, However you would be in a position to get began as a Yahoo Boy and emerge as an professional alongside the line.

Warning: Before proceeding, you must agree that this content is for traffics and educational purpose, and we won’t be responsible for any action been taking by you.

Who is a Yahoo Boy

A Yahoo Boy is an net hustler whose foundation is defined through the famous Yahoo mail. He/She survives with the aid of convincing customers to ship him money, golds, silvers, iPhones, etc.

The vehicle that a yahoo boys loves most is the Mercedes G-Wagon or any company of Mercedes.

A yahoo boy additionally has a yahoo boy title different than his actual name. For example, the yahoo boy title of John Mafi is Wire wire

Who is a yahoo boy Client

A client might be a white man a yahoo boy convinces to ship or send him/her expensive materials like cars, gold, phones, electronic gadgets and money.

The client of a yahoo often resides in abroad, and they often meet yahoo boys in popular social media apps, dating forum.

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yahoo boy

How to become a yahoo boy

There are material needed to become a successful yahoo boy, this are laptops with high processing speed, vpn’s, good and steady power supply, steady internet connection and bunches of data subscriptions do you know mini importation business in Nigeria is good you can also run it.

NOTE: Apart from the above mentioned materials, you have to be extra careful to avoid leakage of your personal identity, which might lead to premium tears, if caught!

How to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the top scam country in the world, you can easily become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria, compared to other countries (If not caught)

Mind you, before becoming a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria there are some core format you’ll need to follow to avoid been caught and loose clients.

  1. Get a Good Quality Laptop
  2. Purchase Or Use Free Virtual Private Network That Will Hide Your Identity
  3. Improve In Your Grammatical Command In English, Since You’re Dealing With A Foriegn Clients.
  4. Download Cloning Apps Like Parallel Space From Playstore, Which Enables To Run/Install A Single App Multiple Times.
  5. Download The Targeted Country Dating App, Or Any Popular Dating App.
  6. Get A Foreign Phone Number, Or You Can Begin With Google Voice Number.

Yahoo Boys Latest Scamming Format In Nigeria

Now, once the sward is set, you’re now two step to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria

There are alot of formats you can use to convince your client into believing you are genuine.

You have to cook your format, prepare it, and make sure you adhere to the plan.

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What to consider before starting yahoo boy business?

  • Gender (Male/Female) Which Depends On The Client You’re Targeting.
  • Your Location (Country)

Let’s use an American dating app as a case study, and assume you’re targeting a female clients.

Firstly, get an american dating app and hook up with any rich american lady/woman, tell her you’re from a neighboring country, and be mindful of the gender/country in your profile.

Hope you grab? I’ll skip the remaining yahoo boys scamming format in this tutorial, but i’ll surely include it my next publication.

So, without wasting much of our time, let us quickly look into the latest yahoo boys WhatsApp group links and pickers

Who are yahoo boys pickers

A yahoo boy picker is the person who get hold for an illegal transaction, the picker serves as middle man between the Yahoo Boys and the client.

Yahoo Boys WhatsApp Group Links

The yahoo boys whatsapp groups are free to join and you do not need to pay any money for joining or hyping content.


Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria?

Stay tuned for my next tutorial (part 2), and please, note that you’re solely responsible for any illegal action.



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