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Man Falls From a Flyover While Posing For Selfie In Kano State (See Photos)

Muslims around the world celebrate the Feast of the eid celebration.

It is well known that after Ramadan fasting Muslims celebrate the eid.

Muslims are happy to see these days, they visit their family and friends.

Unfortunately, this eid is different from the others, it did not come as usual due to the coronavirus epidemic, the eid celebration was not joyous as usual.

However, it has been taken place in other cities like Kano, Borno, Jigawa, Gombe and other northern and southern cities in Nigeria.

One of the delighted moments during the eid celebration is taking many photos of all kinds in the phone and posting on social media like Facebook, Instagram and others.

According to a report from the well known online newspaper, Rariya, a teenager(name withheld) tumbles from a flyover trying to take a selfie of himself in Kano state.

The biggest and tallest flyover is located at Ibrahim Taiwo road in the capital city of Kano State.

But fortunately, The teenager didn’t die, he is alive with less injury on one of his legs.

He was rescued by the mobile police who are on duty near the flyover.It was reported that the guy was trying to get a good location and a good pose to take the selfie pictures.

He wanted to upload the pictures on his Instagram handle. However, he slips accidentally, tumbles and fell from the flyover.

Posting irrational selfie photos has become so regular on Instagram, Facebook and other social media that people are increasingly keen to put themselves in danger in order to snap a thrilling picture.

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According to the Journal of Family Medicine, at least 259 people died around the world while clicking selfies between 2011 and 2017.

May God Heal him!

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