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The Arrest of Abdulhameed Bello (Ivavah) by Hon. Lawal Idris

Democracy Is Not dictatorship, nor autocracy but a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by elected individual where such individual is accountable to the people.

An explicit x-ray on Ajaokuta politics signifies that some ajaokuta leaders are on a tussle for power and self wealth in conflicting to their youths’ anthem for better leadership cum healthier tomorrow.

In the time past, the entire Kogi Central politics was in disarray considering the past 16 years of maladministration of the PDPs.

Just when we thought we have had it exceptional and had been liberated for God having given us the youthful, resourceful and youthful governor, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, Hon. Lawal Abdullahi is trending the erroneous path in Ajaokuta, forgetting the good institution he climbed to become whom he is today.

Hon. Lawal Idris is the member Representing Ajaokuta Constituency in the Green Chamber as Comr. Abdulhameed Bello is a youth ambassador and the Media Aide of Hon. Akaaba, the former Administrator and present Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Security Matter.

Hon. Lawal Idris traced Abdulhameed to one Lokoja Museum with his CID, and Thugs, Ripped him off for honourably calling his attention to what he promised in his manifestoes which he had never done anyone.Abdulhameed, an APC youth stalwart, is that one youth that will never see an egg-yolk and call it an egg-white.

He is fond of calling a spade a spade.

He is that honest youth that will eulogize any leaders for doing well but will never be penny-pinching with the truth when it comes to correcting your misdoings and filling of any left vacuum.

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He is a well recognized comrade known by his openness at the GYB Media Influencers’ Division, at the grassroots and beyond.Abdulhameed and majority of Ajaokuta youths had some days after some physical trials to see the Hon. Rep Lawal which he turned down took to media to call his attention to the promises made before he was voted against his opponents.

They called his attention outstandingly devoid any form of insults.

Only for him to deploy his security operatives to pick him up in Lokoja to silent those youths, when ordinarily he ought to have deployed that strength into explaining his exertions to his people since assumption of office.

This is more lurid and a truthful finding that the agitation of the Ajaokuta youths that Hon. Lawal has done nothing to better the lives of his constituents since assumption of office, unlike other corresponding Reps from other constituencies in Kogi Central and of course Kogi who have facilitated federal jobs for their youths, and empowered them meaningfully.

This action is on its own a punch on Hon. Aka’aba Mustapha, the SSA to Governor Bello representing Ajaokuta LGA whom ordinarily should have received a report from Hon. Lawal about his media Aide for misbehavior and not just molesting him.

But he is aware those Youths are wrong and therefore has nothing to report.

Whilst we write this to discredit in entirety this incongruous development from somebody we hold in high esteem, a honourable member for that matter, this is to also resonance it that Hon. Lawal has desolate the good legacies of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello by arresting his own party member who worked tirelessly for his reelection, a youth, famous cum good governance ambassador, just for needless reason because he wants to feed his ego.

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The Entire Youths in Kogi Central under the tutelage of Bello Campaign Organization (BCO), Kogi Central Youths Vanguard (KCYV), and Kogi Central Political Liberation (KCPL) have therefore writes to frown at this naughtiness and demand for the release of Comr. Abdulhameed Bello Onimisi (Ivavah) and be rewarded handsomely for this pestering.

We shall continue to hold the Hon. Rep. Member, Lawal Abdullahi in high esteem for heeding to this demand and release our brother, an APC Youths Stalwart, a Core GYBist, his committed constituent member, however we shall not take it likely if this demand is not given appropriate earshot, and it will surprise him for receiving summon from higher authority, plus a protest to his office and in Ajaokuta environs respectively.

We anticipate…

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