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Do you know that there are things we do, unknowingly that cause harm to our mobile phone?

In this topic, we shall be discussing thing we often do that causes damage to our phone, which we must eradicate or completely stopped!

  1. Avoid Exposing your mobile phone on direct sun light as it may generate heat and cause the screen to malfunction or probably kills the phone screen.
  2. Downloading and installing of mobile app from unknown website: we often download mobile apps from unknown websites, the repercussion of installing files from unknown website is when we mistakenly download a file from website containing malicious softwares which may cause serious harm to our device.
  3. Operation your mobile phone while charging is very dangerous to one’s help and can equally affect the mobile phone itself by weaking the battery.
  4. Putting your phone inside your pocket can also be harmful to both the user and the mobile phone itself, as it can destroy the male semen (sperm), the pocket can also generate heat pressure which can cause harm to the device, especially when wearing tight trousers, so it is advisable to hold your mobile phone.
  5. Charging your phone on a bad electric source can also weaken your phone battery.

There are others things we do unknowingly that can silently destroy our mobile phone, which i wasn’t able to mention here, you can also help us with the one’s you know via comment session.

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