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Hello, welcome back to Nairaflaver, we shall be discussing about the top 3 platforms that pays nigerians for reading news.

Making money online in nigeria by reading news is not longer new, as we all know that there are government approved platforms registered under CAC (Cooperate Affair Commission) of Nigeria that claims to shares their revenue with members either monthly or weekly by performing just simple task with one time membership fee.

So, we shall be discussing majorly on the top platforms that pays nigerians for reading news.

1. Nnuforum

Nnuforum is an income platform that pays members for reading news with with an affiliate system.

The platform was launched on early August 2019 by CyberTech.

Nnuforum has been one of the top paying platform in Nigeria since October 2019, although the platform is still new but it has more features with high revenue unlike Zinoly, Ofurum and others, Nnuforum as well claims to pay members with referrals or with no referrals.

How Does Nnuforum works?

Nnuforum pays for daily activities and affiliate:

  1. Daily Login ==> N50
  2. Welcome Bonus ==> N50
  3. Reading News ==> N10 each (Maximum of 20 news daily = N200)
  4. Commenting on News ==> N20 each (Maximum of 20 news daily = N400)
  5. Submitting Article ==> N100
  6. Sponsored Post ==> N100
  7. Affiliate ==> N1,000

Isn’t that cool? the earnings are high, which you can’t compare with other platforms.

How to get registered with Nnuforum.

Nnuforum registration is not that complex, you just need to have an active facebook account, gmail account and a phone number.

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All you need to do is Click Here to visit the platform, then fill the required box with your details and make a one time registration fee of N1,400 either via paystack, remita or buy the activation coupon from any of their agent.

That’s All.

How do make withdrawal on Nnuforum

The minimum withdrawal is N5,000 and the platform pays on every last day of the month.

So feel free to transfer your fund direct to your Nigeria bank account once you accumulate up to N5,000 and above.

2. Zinoly

Zinoly is rated second most paying platform that pays for reading news in nigeria, it was formally rated first before the arrival of nnuforum.

Zinoly was launched early 2018, founded by VICTEMIGE TECHNOLOGIES, the platform is unique on it own, as they claims to pay only members with at least 1 referral.

How does Zinoly works?

They platform also pays for activitie and affiliate:

  1. Daily Login ==> N50
  2. Welcome Bonus ==> N50
  3. Reading News ==> N2 (Not limited)
  4. Commenting on News ==> N4 (Not limited)
  5. Affiliate ==> N1,000
  6. Most Active Member ==> N1,000

The earnings are cool but you can’t still compare with Nnuforum

How to register with Zinoly

The registrations steps are similar to Nnuforum, but the one time registration fee is N1,500

You can Click Here to start the registration.

How to make withdrawal.

You can make transfer to your local bank account, once you reach the sum of N5,000 as they pay every 21st of every month, but affiliate withdrawal is instant.

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3. Oforum

Oforum is another trusted platform that pays Nigerian for reading news and it’s also own by VICTEMIGE TECHNOLOGIES

Oforum became the 3rd most paying news platform in Nigeria as at November 2019.

How does Oforum works?

Oforum also works like Zinoly & Nnuforum, as they pay for activities and affiliate:

  1. Welcome Bonus ==> N50
  2. Daily Login ==> N50
  3. Reading News ==> N2
  4. Commenting on News ==> N4
  5. Affiliate ==> N1,000

That’s all.

How to register with Oforum

The registration is simple like ABC, just like Nnuforum, but you just need a one time registration fee of N1,400

That’s all.

How to i make withdrawal

You can make withdrawal to your local bank once you reach N500 or more, and it’s instant.


It’s a great opportunity for nigerian to have such platforms, if you’re a Nigerian and still haven’t register, Do hesitate to join the moving fast train.

Thanks for reading my article and don’t forget to share if you think it’s helpful.


Signature: CEO Nairaflaver

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