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Alhaji Ali Bello, the New Direction Government, and the Rest of Us

Alhaji Ali Bello, the New Direction Government, and the Rest of Us


For a while now, I’ve searched for instances with certain relativity regarding what and whom I want to write about, but I never really found a perfect example. Prolly, if I were to be a fan of reading books, I should’ve read about a philosopher who shared his brilliance, boldness, resilience, wisdom, and change-driven knowledge.

Each time I hear the name “Ali Bello,” it takes me through reminiscing about my all-time 2018 best Indian movie. Bharat Ane Nenu is a Telugu-language political drama film. Bharath Ram is a brilliant and curious student who graduated with his 5th degree from Oxford University. After celebrating his win, his uncle calls to tell him that his father, Raghava Rao, who is the number one citizen of the state, is in a critical condition, just like the state.

Nature happened, and after a while, off the higgledy-piggledy, Bharat emerged and had the armor of leadership in his hands. He took a stroll around the city and experienced the chaotic atmosphere. He scrutinized offices, ministries, departments, and agencies and noticed a wide disparity between government expenditure and its services to the people. Bharat brought about a change in the system while eventually facing controversies and making enemies.

In the middle of the New Direction administration, they had a shilly-shally towards the people, a period where the government made more enemies due to presumed deviations from services to the people. It was a heated period of inconsequential decision-making. A moment with a chaotic atmosphere, it was for the state and her populace.

Alhaji Ali Bello, the New Direction Government, and the Rest of Us

Alhaji Ali Bello, the New Direction Government, and the Rest of Us

Ali Bello didn’t only see through the happenings but also pictured where the administration was headed and then saw the need to navigate through and bring about a transformational change. In the case of Ali Bello, unlike Bharat, he needed not to be known. To bring about this change, he needed not to be appointed or voted. With wisdom and courage, he only needed to find his way to the “New Direction” table of decision-making and, afterwards, hold tightly the round peg to the round hole.

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A round peg that he has used to bring about remarkable and evidential transformational changes. He held firmly onto this round peg while steering the wheel of the “New Direction” administration towards progress.

Ali Bello intellectually fostered the recountable developmental strides the “New Direction” administration may want to boast of in recent years. He ensured a significant improvement in the welfare of the populace while “working the taste” of the White Lion on infrastructural developments.

He was so driven by optimism and a foresight of “ending well” for the White Lion.

Infrastructure, social amenities, education, and the provision of a safe haven have attracted and are still attracting local and international investors, students, tourists, and visitors. When you hear the “GYB” or “New Direction” standard, he’s the man who ensures the standard. While on this, he (Ali Bello) never failed to surround himself with fellow young and intelligent sound minds as support systems (a topic for another day).

Hospitals, roads, schools, improved IGR and welfarism of the populace, etc. He literally checks and ensures balance in the whole system. With him, the White Lion had no cause to question the runnings of the system. Such a young, intelligent, and well-calculated man he is.

Ali Bello is that stitch in time that saved nine of the “New Direction” administrations in Kogi State. Today, tomorrow, and forever, say otherwise. I am a brave, courageous, intelligent, and success-driven young man.

Away from the media brouhaha and propaganda, this is Ali Bello.🤝

Hence, from the rest of us, I implore you to take your flowers, sir. 💐

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~Amoto of Kogi

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