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Are basketball live bets at Melbet really risky?


All bookmakers give their users full freedom of action – they have the right to choose those bets and make such strategies, which, in their opinion, are correct. However, we are talking about professional sports, so no prediction at has an exact guarantee that it will work. Any sport is difficult to predict even in the prematch format when you have plenty of time to prepare. It is even more complicated to outplay the bookmaker in live when the match is already in progress. When selecting basketball matches, bettors expect to catch a comeback, which happens regularly. However, it is still preferable to make preparations for such predictions as well.

For example, you can see which teams break the point total, which teams like to lose in the first half of the match, and then catch up in the second half. You can skillfully apply this knowledge in your live basketball betting. If you prefer to bet on NBA matches, their regular season has such a schedule that matches take place almost every day. Therefore, you will be able to practice on such bets quite often.

What is offered in basketball live at Melbet?

To place live bets in basketball or other sports, you can’t do without the bookmaker’s official app on your phone. The Melbet app reacts to your actions much faster than the browser, and it is very important in live betting to get ahead of the bookmaker in his reaction to an important event. You can also look at the schedule of matches, learn statistics, work freely with your balance in the application. The history of your previous basketball live bets is also present there.

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In basketball live matches, the most favorable lines look like this:

  1. Winning of the losing team. However, everything depends on the context, because even if the initial favorite loses at the beginning of the match, the bookmaker will still not be in a hurry to raise the odds.
  2. A win in a separate half or quarter, which is more difficult, but more favorable in terms of odds. It is also sometimes offered to guess the total on points in a given quarter.
  3. Prediction on the statistics of points scored by both teams. Here, it is also important to hit the right moment, when the bookmaker has increased the odds, but there is still time to realize the prediction.

To successfully predict a match in live betting, it is ideal if you will be at the stadium. A high-quality live broadcast with minimal delay from the bookmaker will also help. The text analog in this regard is much worse.

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