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The main difficulties of predicting tennis on Melbet


Your first bets at a bookmaker’s office are relatively easy, and you can predict three outcomes out of four. Difficulties typically begin when you try to develop a stable strategy, to find the secret to successful bets. Bettors often choose tennis on, and there is an explanation for this. First of all, it is quite an interesting and competitive sport, especially if you take the men’s competition. However, women’s tennis has many exciting moments, especially the unpredictability of results. Tennis tournaments occur almost year-round, so you can always find an option to bet on.

The main difficulty in making long-distance tennis predictions lies in the peculiarities of professional sports. Unlike a computer simulation, there are many random factors here – the ball flying over the rope on the decisive shot, strong wind during the match, injury, etc. It is why periodic losses in tennis forecasts are regular. The bettor’s task is to search for events whose odds will cover occasional losses.

What influences the results of tennis predictions via Melbet?

First, this is the player’s current form, physical and moral state. When predicting women’s tennis on Melbet, it is essential to remember that matches with a score of 6:0 or, conversely, comebacks from a score of 5:1 in games most often occur. The fact is that not all tennis players can withstand the pressure and responsibility of important matches. Although you can catch a bookmaker overestimating the favorite in men’s tennis. However, the men’s tour is still more competitive since there is a pool of about 15 players of approximately equal strength.

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If you have prepared well for a particular match and looked through analytical materials, you can try the following betting options:

  1. The number of sets in total or the set handicap per outsider. It is recommended to take a total of more than 2.5 when the opponents are approximately equal in strength.
  2. The number of games played or whether there will be a tiebreaker in the match.
  3. Player performance in the match. Usually, the bookmaker offers to name whether the player can hit the required number of serves straight through.

Since tennis matches use different surfaces with different characteristics, you must study how the players perform. There are slower and faster surfaces. Most tournaments are held on hard surfaces, and the shortest season is on grass surface.

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