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BE HONEST! Is Yahaya Bello The Best Candidate For Presidency In 2023? (If Not, Who Is Better?)


The controversial discussion that has made so many people lose it all over social media since early this year, is the possibility of a Bello’s presidency.
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The idea that Yahaya Bello might end up being Nigeria’s next president has gone from just a distinct possibility to an impending and inevitable situation.

If in 2023, The Governor of Kogi State (H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello) manages to get the ticket Of The All Progressive Congress (APC), his chances of being president have not only increased, but it will be impossible for anyone to go against him and win.
Yahaya Adoza Bello, is a lot of things, but he’s also a vibrant youth and he knows politics. So, What if he’s the right choice?
Is there a possibility that he might just be the lesser evil?

Here’s an Analysis, From a Kogi Blogger (Daniel Onimisi Ford) who thinks Yahaya Bello might be our best choice.

Yahaya Bello Nigeria is there’s ever one will be economically progressive but definitely taxes will increase and there’ll be more social workers (minimum wage) deployed. This is based on his antecedents in Kogi State. Just might be what we need to steady the ship.

He also practices strongman politics so if you vote Yahaya Bello, know that you’re signing up for at least 8 years. There’s nothing like we’ll vote him out, he’s not GEJ.

One thing you cannot accuse him of which might play in his favour is that ethnic bigotry.

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Since 2016 Kogi State is the only state in North Central where Easterners and Southerners alike hold political office. So that may be a good thing considering what we have seen in the Buhari years where everyone who’s hired is a Northerner.

In my books, not the worst option, probably won’t get my vote. But if he becomes the APC flag bearer, I will see him as a better option than anyone else in his party.

APC has only bad options of which Yahaya Bello is the least evil.

So, what do y’all think? Let’s hear from you.

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