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The Story Of Dan Ozizi, Bilikisu Gimbiya & The Outcome Of UATH Lab Test, Related To HIV Positive

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The Story Of Dan Ozizi, Bilikisu Gimbiya & The Outcome Of UATH Lab Test, Related To HIV Positive

It is suprisingly and amazing, the story of a man who allegedly killed his wife due to his refusal of taking her to hospital for proper medical attention, in a satellite town called Anagada, Gwagwalada area council Abuja.

After which The story were shared across social media narrating how a popular musician from Okene, Kogi State called “DAN OZIZI‘” abandon his terribly sick wife “GIMBIYA BILIKISU” who is also a musician from Okene in Kogi state, locked her in his rented apartment for several months without any access, neither did he allow her to access her relative for proper care or visitation nor did he informed his wife relatives regarding her health status.

It was on the 3rd of November 2020 the Family of his late wife got a tip from neighborhood about the health status of their daughter GIMBIYA and the parents immediately thought of taking her to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada where she was place on oxygen for days alongside with several test which has been carried out to ascertain the problem medically.

At this point the Doctors through the hospital management try all their possible best to invite the husband called Dan Ozizi‘ for questioning which could have help in the cause of urgent treatment required, but he decline to all the calls and plea to the invitation and later put off his mobile phones and take to his heel.

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Unfortunately, after few days his wife GIMBIYA passed away after been in coma for few days, it was a very sad scenario after which the husband has been exposed by his evil acts.

Not that alone, DAN OZIZI had neither brief his wife family about her health status nor did he appear in the hospital as at when needed or at the funeral before the late GIMBIYA was lay to rest.

He has be on the run up till date.
Novertheless, the case was established in Zuba Division Station of Nigeria Police in Capital Territory ABUJA.

The very sad part of the story was when the late GIMBIYA medical TEST result carried out was released to the deceased family, by the hospital management which turned out to be “HIV POSITIVE” this outcome result prompted the family to carried out same HIV test for the only daughter Aliya, whish also turn out to be HIV POSITIVE.

It is a very pathetic and very unfortunate issue that the popularly known DAN OZIZI‘ is an HIV POSITIVE and it is well known to him for so many years and it was established that the late GIMBIYA was his 4th wife to became late as a result of this virus and died in the same mysterious manner.

It also came to the family notice the popular DAN OZIZI‘ never allowed his late wife visit any hospital even during pregnancy for antenatal to avoid been exposed cause he knows fully well that hospitals do conduct hiv test on pregnant women.

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What a wicked man, only God almighty alone knows how many young innocent girls have falling a victim of his wickedness.

I’m using this opportunity to called on relevant authority and the concern groups and organization, the Nigeria Police, the DSs, The Kogi State Government, Federal Capital Development Administration, The Nigeria Human Right Commission, The Ministry of health, The Ministry of women affairs, to come out and defend the unknown innocent soul from been another victim of DA OZIZI‘ with his passion as VIRUS DISTRIBUTOR who has taken it as his duty to keep sharing this Virus to the people.

And also, to compell him to carry out an HIV test in a competent Government hospital under the supervision of Nigeria Police and must be held accountable and responsible for all he had committed.


CREDIT: Anonymous.

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