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How To Make Gurasa


Gurasa is a kind of bread that is specially made from flours, like wheat flour & maize flour, this tutorial shows how to prepare Gurasa bread with flour.

Ingredients Or Items Needed;

  • 2 tea spoon dry active yeast.
  • Half tea spoon salt.
  • 4 cups of wheat or maize flour
  • A large bowl with a little quantity of water.


  1. Add all the dry ingredients together in a bowl and mix with cold water.
  2. Make sure the dough is thicker than that of a puff.
  3. Press and stretch the dough then cover it and place it in a dry warm place for an hour.
  4. Now, heat a non sticky pan.
  5. Scoop batter widely with your palms flatten and drop it inside the non sticky pan.
  6. Flatten it widely with your palms on the non sticky pan and allow it to turn golden brown.
  7. Turn to the other side and allow to turn brown, then remove and place it in a dry plate
  8. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining batches

Now add little vegetable oil over the Gurasa with slide tomatoes, onions and coat it with groundnut cake powder before serving.

That’s all… Hope you enjoy my guides?

Kindly drop a comment and share if you think it’s helpful.

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