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Yahoo Family (Devil’s Diary) Episode 1 (One)


Light weight entertainment present another epic and interesting movie series labelled “Yahoo Family (Devil’s Diary)” this comes after the release of their previous movie series titled “Selina Tested

In a family of internet fraudsters everyone is entitle in breaking rules of the internet, every moment someone bank account is frozen, what makes you cry, makes someone at your backyard happy and celebrate victory over grabbing your bank account details.

Your money is not safe In the Bank, you are not safe either, they work with a shaman or witch doctor to carry out the activities of the game “Yahoo Plus” find what happened in Yahoo Family (Devil’s Diary) Episode 1 (One)

Yahoo Family Episode 1 (One): Movie Details

FILE NAME: Yahoo Family (Devil’s Diary)
LANGUAGE: Nigerian Pidgin English
SONG: Epic Unease
SONG WRITER: Kevin MacLeod
ARTISTS: Aboy, Chiboy, Wonder Boy, Sibi, Odogwu, Striker, Tallest, Asa, R2, Belema, Priest, Makapeletus, Fresh, Atamakpa, Lucifer, Mimi, Sino, Ada, Don, Amora, Smaller, Dera, Mama Chiboy, Amoural, Trigger, Egyptians
LICENSED: YouTube Audio Library

Here we bring your the new episode of Yahoo Family (Devil’s Diary) Episode 1 (One) as released by the official production channel “lightweight entertainment

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