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Top 10 Best Technology Website/Blog in Nigeria

Written by Pius Moses

You’re welcome to nairaflaver, in this article I’ll be compiling the best technology website/blog in Nigerian and want you to know about it.

Almost all Nigerians now make use of the internet to search daily and trending stuff starting from Technology, Business, Gadgets, Phone Reviews and Daily News.

The below websites are lunch to help life by providing useful contents.

Tech Cable

The No.1 tech blog in Nigeria and Africa at large was created in the year 2013, TechCabal provides information on startups, finance, investment, and entrepreneurship across the African continent.

According to user evaluations, the platform’s Newsletter is one among the numerous features that have helped them become a top pick among tech enthusiasts. They have thousands of readers who subscribe to their newsletters, which has helped many individuals understand various things about the digital world and, as a result, has also helped the blog diversify its earnings.


The naijatechguide is popularly known for gadgets specifications, buy guides, apps, Laptop, Price Of Mobile Phone and other related tech news, the blog is founded in December 2006, by Paschal Okafor. According to user reviews, naijatechguide is a leading tech blog which provides users mobile specs and most visited range from Nigeria, Ghana, United States and Lot more.

TechNext is the go-to site for Tech News, Reviews and Insightful Analysis in Nigeria. We publish Technology and business-related content with a deliberate emphasis on the African narrative and the desire to mirror the impact of technology on the continent.

They help the audience see beyond the headlines by following the news, getting the details, revealing what is in-between the lines and pointing out what is evident but not glaring.

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Franklin Obioha founded NaijaKnowHow in 2015. The goal of this platform is to assist non-technologists in solving basic technology-related challenges.

They publish tech news, phone specs, reviews, and step-by-step guidance on many topics in the technology field as part of their service. They also offer users advice and information. Surprisingly, many people have been able to use this platform over the years merely because of their mild writing style to pacify their readers.


GadgetStripe is a gadget-focused website that receives a large number of visitors each day. It was founded in 2016 and has been in operation since its inception. GadgetStripe boasts a massive specification database containing almost all gadgets from hundreds of manufacturers that are searched for by people all over the world. When it comes to buying gadgets, they assist all of its visitors in making the right choice. They included a lot of useful and unique tools, such as comparing Mobile Devices and getting advice on which device to buy (basically Mobile phones).


If you’re an avid researcher or solution seeker when it comes to technology in Nigeria, you’ve probably come across OscarMini in your Google searches a few times. They provide evaluations on a wide range of mobile phones and devices. They also provide computer, DIY, travel, and lifestyle articles.


TechCity is the best tech blog for reviewing and reporting on technology news in Nigeria via their blog and online videos hosted on YouTube. Essentially, because people in this part of the world find the nitty-gritty of technology to be extremely boring, their approach at Tech City NG is to provide them with the same nitty-gritty of technology, but this time in a language, manner, and form they have never seen before.

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Mobility Arena

MobilityArena, is a Nigeria leading tech blog covering mobile technologies and services, was founded in 2008 by Yomi Adegboye. Mobility Arena’s influence has resulted in collaborations with leading mobile brands such as MTN, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat Nigeria), Nokia, TECNO Mobile, Infinix Mobility, itel Mobile, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Ntel, and BlackBerry, among others, over the years.


Mygeeksguide is a technology blog that publishes Tech news, Gadgets, Smartphones, Reviews and other technology-related content online. The team members are striving hard to deliver the most recent technology trends and information to help user grow their business and solve real life problem. The blog is founded on 1st of march, 2022 by moses ozo pius with the aim to provide accurate specifications for all gadgets and making it easy as possible for user to access quick information on any device.


Thegiantreport is a popular online technology blog known for its Free Udemy courses and other related tech information such as Business, Technology, Guides, and Reviews. The blog was founded in 2020, and since then, TheGiantReport has been growing fast and delivering tech information.

Recap: technology website in nigeria

  1. TechCable
  2. NaijaTechGuide
  3. TechNext
  4. NaijaKnowHow
  5. Gadgetstripe
  6. Oscarmini
  7. TechCityNg
  8. Mobility Arena
  9. Mygeeksguide
  10. TheGiantReports


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