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Hafsat Ahmad Idris Biography, Age, Wikipedia & Pictures


Hafsat Ahmad Idris is a Kannywood actress known for her role in the Hausa film industry (Nigeria).

Hafsat Ahmad Idris was born on July 14 in Shaganmu and originally hails from northern part of Nigeria. (Kano state)

Hafsat Idris made her acting debut in the movie Barauniya. Prior to her acting career, Hafsat was a full time housewife for nine years and gave birth to two children.

Hafsa has starred in numerous movies which include: Igiyar Zato, Rumana, Wacece Saraunya?, Makaryaci, Alqibla and many others.

Social Media Profile

  • Twitter @Idrishafsa
  • Instagram @official_hafisaidris20
  • Facebook: Hafsa Idris
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