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How to Become a Political Party Delegate in Nigeria Primary Election


Event of the last few days in Nigeria’s political landscape have been very intriguing as the major political parties were seen conducting primaries for State Gubernatorial positions, Senators and both federal and state house of reps as required by INEC in the electoral laws.

How to Become a Political Party Delegate in Nigeria Primary Election?

What’s a Political Party?

A political party is an organization whose members have similar aims and beliefs. Usually the organization tries to get its members elected to the government of a country.

Who Is a Political Party Delegate In Nigeria?

A political party delegate is a person who is chosen to vote or make decisions on behalf of a group of other people, especially at a conference or a meeting.

Political parties in Nigeria usually carryout something called “ward congresses” to elect delegates. The ward is probably the smallest political unit and card carrying members elect delegates that will represent them at local, state and national congresses/conventions.

Party officials, presidential and governorship candidates are usually elected at state and national conventions.

NOTE; According to the Nigerian Electoral Act 2022 section 84 (12), Ward delegates have the power to vote for political aspirants at primary elections.

What’s a Primary Election In Nigeria?

A primary in Nigeria is mini-election where a political party elects its preferred candidate to run for public office under its platform.

During the primaries, parties go through an elimination process where they trim down a pool of nominees to just one person who will represent them at the general polls.

The primary election in Nigeria is sub divided into;

  • Direct Primary Election
  • Indirect Primary Election
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What is a Direct Primary Election?

In a direct primary election, registered members of the political party vote for who they want to be the flag-bearer of their party.

What is an Indirect Primary Election?

In an indirect primary election, party members elect delegates who in turn elect the party’s candidates on their behalf.

How to Become a Political Party Delegate in Nigeria Primary Election?

Here are nine (9) good steps on How to Become a Political Party Delegate in Nigeria Primary Election

  1. Join a political party in Nigeria
  2. Register with the party by purchasing a registration form
  3. Submit the required documents
  4. Pay your registration fee at the Party’s Ward secretariat
  5. Collect your Party membership card
  6. Develop popularity in your Ward
  7. Build grassroots support from members at your Ward
  8. Indicate interest to be a delate at the ward congress
  9. Win the election to be a delegate from your Ward

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