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Life Story:THE JOURNEY OF MY LIFE By Hannypet



The sad and the ugly incident started in the year 2018, an incident that tored me apart, an incident that made me a divorcee, then I felt my whole world has come to an end. I lost all hope when I got the terrible blow of divorce! tears became my companion and love was against me, I had wondered where to pick up the pieces from,”how will I cope with this hard blow life has given me”I had asked myself but then the creator of heaven and earth had my story already written beautifully. My creator wanted something greater for me so he had the door closed so I can turn towards a greater door he had opened for me, then came along with an old time friend back in 2008. We met again for the first time i was stepping out after my Iddah performance.(In Islam, iddah is the period a woman must observe after a divorce, which last for three months.) We met again for the first time i was visiting Nahaziyat eatery in okene. No any other person than Honourable Abdulmumin Danga Adoke. The former SSA on Political to GYB, Adavi/okehi constituency. People do say politics is dirty i never understood that until it came to reality. But still, his love and support was second to none, he was a brother to me, he helped wiped my tears and supported me when i needed it most. Thank you for being part of my life at a critical stage, I will forever cherish you 🙏🏻!

Then again my whole story changed not without my beautiful, adorable, elegant, unshakable lioness a mentor and a role model my beloved Godmother Barrister Natasha H Akpoti. She motivated me, thought me how to be strong, how to build a castle with the bricks life threw at me, she thought me how to face life fearlessly and above love myself rightly, thank you my mentor, mother, sister and friend, my benefactor my heroine! My love for you mum has no ending❤ may God bless you and your family today and always🙏🏻.
I’m using this medium to reach out to my fellow sisters who in one way or the other finds herself in a situation so hard to handle. Loose not hope have faith, love yourself, go down in prayers give no one the chance to intimidate you, think positivity always and say to yourself “I ain’t a loser”people would surely throw bricks at you don’t throw back simply collect them and build yourself a castle to be successful in life you must go through some hurdles. it now depends how you take it! to destroy you or to make you great.

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To my beloved parents in all odds thanks for always enduring my mistakes and taken me more closer for being a better person than i was. Long life in good health is what i wish for🙏🏻
By:Abdulkadir Hannypet

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