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Natasha Akpoti Celebrates Ohinoyi of Ebiraland at 91


Natasha Akpoti Celebrates Ohinoyi of Ebiraland at 91.

Natasha Akpoti Has congratulated the paramount ruler of Ebira Kingdom, His royal majesty Dr. Ado Ibrahim as he clocks 91 years of age.

In a statement Via Her Facebook Page, she described the royal father as a father to all who does not discriminate along clan, religion or gender and that explains why his reign has brought so many good things to Ebira land.

“Your reign has brought so much development to Ebiraland and Allah has used you as a father figure to all of us, we are proud of you and your numerous achievements, I therefore congratulate you on your 91th birthday,” the statement partly read.

She further thanked him for the fatherly role he has been playing since he emerged as the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland and prayed for ability to do more.

Read Her Words.
Birthday Wishes to our King 👑

They say time is fluid… and condition like chances happen to people who cause moments to stir up… to shape up.

It was 1984. I was 5 years old and you were 55.

I still remember when you asked me to come closer for the picture.

“Stand in front of me, stand next to your brother, Okehi” you said.

“No please, dear sir, “… I declined.

“Okehi pinches me. Moreover, standing steps behind will make me nearly as tall as you and Aunty” I added.

Oh I remember dear Majesty.

Patiently through time, you made me have my way but with wise caution and prayers.

So to the kingdom, you are a great ruler.
But to me, you are an enigma.


And as I join millions to wish you a happy 91st birthday , I pray God grants you a very long, healthy and happy life yet.

Hence, as time stays fluid, know that I loved you then, love you now and will do so always.

All hail the king 👑
His Royal Majesty
King Ado Ibrahim

Happy Birthday

Your daughter,
Natasha H Akpoti

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