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You can’t have my wife, Kogi Artist calls out Kogi Commissioner For Works


The latest trendings in Kogi State has been either Natasha vs GYB, Dino vs GYB, Sen. Smart vs Dino Melaye or even GYB2PYB Campaign and mobilization.

This week, it seems it’s not going to be so, as a well known musician from Kogi Central by name Tenimu popularly known as 2Rich has come out boldy to call out Kogi Commissioner for Works Hon. Engr. Abubakar Ohere for attempting to snatch his wife by name, Zuleihat, from him in a recent video.

In his words;

“Hon. Ohere, I once told you that I don’t bootlick people and I’m not a social media person, but any day that I’ll get provoked and use social media platform to address any issue, e’go shock everybody”

According to him, scores of people has been calling his wife to have a rethink and and embrace the Commissioner’s offer, as her husband, 2Rich have little or nothing to offer, he said;

“I want to sound a warning to all those that have been calling my wife, I don’t know who has been giving y’all my wife’s number”. He proceeded by saying; “you said she should move out of my house, you want to marry her, what do I have to offer her? Your wealth, your position and affluence, you have possessed all these and you asked her out, but she declined”.

At the end, he said; “I have paid her bride price, I have married her”.

Video below;👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Meanwhile, the Commissioner has been silent ever since the musical star made this allegation, should we say this is true, as 2Rich has said all these with a confidence-filled face, let’s watch out for what happens next, do well by sharing your comments below.👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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  • Aww, so sad thought,but our politicians are fond of such act, and it speaks low of their reputation,
    Take it easy man,

  • Engr. Abubakar Sadiq Ohere cannot be competing with you over a woman.

    He’s a wealthy person blessed by God. He has access to so many beautiful and single ladies who are begging to have audience with him.

    Therefore he has nothing whatsoever to do with your wife Mr. Tenimu 2Rich. So calm down bro.

  • This is getting serious….
    2rich go an talk to ur wife…. Women are not worth to be fighting for. Cus you don’t know her move…. 2rich be careful with that ur wife…

  • For All those guys or those backing the Commissioner,Is not the Woman fault, Advice your commissioner to purchue single ladies and leave someone wife, There’s law of Kama as a Muslim.Even in the Ten Commadment of God in The Bible.Haba and He very much no,there are all from the same Village

  • How did your wife meet him before his asking her for marriage question your wife and investigate her wella.

    there is deep secret between you and Commissioner if its true his asking your wife to leave you.

    take it easy sha.

  • What goes around comes around, those who lives in a glass house doesn’t throw stones .
    U did same to someone, so same shall be done to u.

    • Thanks you my brother he did the same thing to someone else. according to the story I heard, 2rich went to sing on someone wedding one month after d wedding d wife of d man packed out and move from his house to 2rich house . How did your wre
      Are you when your wife go meet adayi ohere , if your wife is responsible an value her marriage she should not have done such thing 2rich be calm okay a responsible wife will never have affairs with other man

  • Guy 4get, question ur wife wella b4 saying anything cos women are nt worth to be trusted nd as a politican it is nt good 4 u to b doing such thing it nt abid by islam pls leave husbands wife 4 them

  • Someone can’t know the fact of this matter, if it is through or not but one can not lays an allegation that does not exist, but it’s a shameful to Eng ohere for your status in the society, trying to be oppressed your fellow man for what God forbidden if really a truth Eng ohere.

  • This is a factor of Ebira politicians, they believe nothing is impossible for them to achieve with their wealth and position in the government, but God is always at back of the oppressed. As for 2Rich, you need to calm down and investigate your wife too, because women are not worthy to Fight for.

  • Engr. Ohere really wanted to pay you back for what you have done for the past, so you should have keep this silent, take it easy life is like a raining season, it’s now your season to pay back, which we all aware about your past not only you, including your crew at Ohugeri (white house) at obehira, TIhamiu can testify this and entire obehira and okengwe as well

  • mr 2rich i dont know u before but if truly the Engnr is about snatching ur worry ur self we go all gather as an artist and sing tribute for him because E BE LIKE SAY HIM TIME DON REACH

  • Ohere is a disgrace to the entire kogi central he should be call to order because not all that glitters that’s gold you can’t ate your and you still want have it is impossible

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