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How To Join Black Axe Confraternity In Nigeria, Slags, Orientation & Origin


The Black Axe comprises of people who shares anti-social ideas, thoughts and involved themselves in an unusual conduct and manifestations mostly frawn against in the society.

The Origin Of Black Axe Secret Cult Group

As stated by Offiong, The popular Black Axe cult group, which can also be referred as the Neo Black Movement, was established at the University of Benin in the late 1970s and can be traced at University of Calabar and other high tatiary institutions (ibid., 69).

How To Join Black Axe Cult Group

The engagement and initiation procedures among cultist groups have unique path to be followed.

After the cruel, prominent manifestation is being served which requires alien material
for the initiates.

This could be in form of taking of concoctions like mixture of blood with other substances, the marking and drawing of signs on the body of the initiate using tattoo, with severe beatings which might even lead to the death of the initiates, if he/she fails to withstand the pain.

You can be initiated through peer group influence, or direct approach to any of the cult group member.

Some Slangs Used By The Black Axes

Here are some slangs used by the Black Axe Confraternity

  • Egede: Purposely used for the greeting with the clash of forearms, and equally used for drums.
  • Janet: It’s a terminology used for punishment, particularly beating with a cane or whip.
  • OT: Acquiring Knowledge, An acronym for orientation
  • Dodorima: Used for compliments, intelligence and hard working member.
  • Kokoma: Used for concoctions.
  • Uhuru: Which indicates freedom.
  • Play Hit: It’s a strong word used when killing someone.
  • Temple: Referred to site where new member are recruited

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