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How To Remove Red Light Filter In The Silhouette Challenge


The Silhouette challenge is a trending challenge that permit women to twerk under red lights, allowing people to view the silhouettes of their body shapes.

Though the red light filter solely permit the silhouette, the bad shade of red, as observed in some videos indicated that people can see more than just a silhouette.

Red Filter on Silhouette Challenge

Snapchat’s Vin Rogue filter can give the red light filter and some good editing knowledge, you can produce a nice video to publish as your Silhouette Challenge.

How to do the Red Filter on Silhouette Challenge

  1. Firstly, locate a doorway that you can film in.
  2. Secondly, place your self in front of it and make the first part of the video by putting on normal wears
  3. After making this record, head over to snapchat and apply ‘Vin Rouge’ filter.
  4. Now, switch off all the lights except the room light behind you.
  5. This makes you look like a silhouette, then add Your Head on My Shoulder song
  6. That’s all, then go to tiktok and publish.

How To Remove Red Light Filter In The Silhouette Challenge

The red light filter on Silhouette Challenge can be removed using Inshot app, or kinemaster, you can get the app from playstore then follow this steps.

  1. Download the Silhouette Challenge Videos
  2. Open any of the above mentioned apps
  3. Then, apply filter and make little adjustments
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