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TechBuzz Keep — Notes and Lists : One of best amazing Notepad Apps

Written by Pius Moses


If you are searching for an amazing notepad app for your android phone from which you will be able to get checklists, audios, images and so much then you are in the right place.

To level up of your writing skill and keeping record of the activities of the day here in this post I’ll be sharing with you the best notepad application you need to download.

I introduced a new Notepad App which is very user friendly. You can add checklists, images, audios and so much. You are able to categorize your notes. You can fully optimize your notes in a way you can change background color of notes, you can change text’s color, size, font, letter-spacing and line spacing even you can export your note via image or pdf document.

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Let’s have a look at the video below;


  • Create, Update, Delete your categories and Notes
  • Organize your notes in Categories
  • Organize your notes by Color too (Advanced Colorful Notepad)
  • Format your Note Text (Advanced Notepad)
  • Undo your note activities in backward and forward 
  • Add Recordings, Checklist and Images within one note
  • Checklist notes to get your things done
  • Change Note Color and Checklists Alignments 
  • Share your note in image, pdf to almost all the Apps
  • Copy all the Note text by just pressing the button in Share module
  • Notepad has 2 basic Views i.e (List view, Grid view)
  • Search your notes with highlights
  • Mark notes as Favorite
  • Supports Dark Theme

Get this app from play store: (Link is below)


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