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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 22

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 22

By: Faith Lucky

Jaden was so restless as she paced tho and fro the corridors. Her heart was beating really fast.

She’d been outside the torture room and had even heard Kaylan screaming. Goodness! It tore her apart! What the hell were they doing to her friend? Why is it so difficult for Lord Xander to forgive huh? And how did the bracelet get into her bag? Could it be a set up?

She continued pacing tho and fro and after a while, saw Lord Xander walking out of the room.

Oh! Was he done with her?

She stood and watched ruefully as he left and as soon as he was out of sight, she ran towards the room.

“Kaylan! Kaylan!” She called, but didn’t get a response.

She was scared to go in, wondering if it’d be offensive it not. But thankfully, it wasn’t long before the chief guard – Axel – came walking out with Kaylan lying on his shoulders.


“Kaylan!” Jaden called in fright.
Goodness! What have they done to her friend??

“What did you do to her? Kaylan?!” She gibbered, but Axel didn’t say a word as he just continued walking away with her.

Princess Sharon stood at the balcony with her maid, a smile on her face as she watched the drama going on.

Kaylan looked unconscious as the chief guard carried her on his shoulders. Oh….poor thing.

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“Congratulations, my Princess” her maid beamed. “Your plan was successful”

Sharon’s smile increased rapidly.

“Of course, Nana. Whenever I make a plan, I always deliver” she answered pridefully.
“Now, I only need to talk to my dad for the second plan”.

“What plan?” They suddenly heard a voice from behind and turned to see it was Ailen – Mansi’s sister.

“Ailen” Sharon scoffed, trying to stall time to think of a perfect lie. “I didn’t know you were eavesdropping”.

“I don’t think I was. I was just passing by and got attracted by your conversation” Ailen replied, taking a step closer.
“What plan were you talking about?’
“Oh! It’s nothing that should concern you. I believe I have the right to have some personal discussions with my maid, don’t I?”

She paused and smiled.

“Have a nice day” she added and walked away, with her maid, leaving Ailen really suspicious.
Axel walked into the chambers and laid Kaylan carefully on the bed. She was awake, but felt really weak and in pains. Her back was aching terribly.

5 whips from a chief guard ordered by Lord Xander, was more than 20 whips from a mere man. The whip itself was so long and heavy and Jaden knew all this.

“Oh! What did you do to her? You’re so cruel! Kaylan” she sobbed and ran to her on the bed.

The princess was weeping. Jaden turned quickly to look at Axel.

“Please! You need to get her a physician or something. Get someone to check up on her, please” she clapsed her palms together and said.

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“I’ll need to seek permission from Lord Xander” Axel replied and left.

“Oh?! You stubborn little princess” Jaden turned back to Kaylan who was lying on her tummy.
“I warned you, didn’t I? I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen! Now, look where it’s landed you! Oh dear, you should’ve listened to me! You should’ve listened to me!” Jaden wept bitterly.

Kaylan kept quiet as so many voices replayed in her head.

Xander .. The look in his eyes as he watched the guard whip her. He didn’t care – not even a single bit. He didn’t care.

She fisted her hand on the bed, trying to get over it. But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t get it off her mind. How could he do this to her?

The herbal man stood in the room with Kaylan still on the bed. Jaden was also beside her.

“Kaylan please” Jaden grumbled. “You really need to let him treat you. You’re falling sick already”.

“Let me be, Jaden. I don’t want anyone to touch me. Let me be”. Kaylan snorted stubbornly.

The physician had been there for a long time, but Kaylan wouldn’t let him touch her.

“My princess, if you don’t get the wounds treated, they’re likely to get infected and that would be a very bad thing for you. Please, you need to let me…”

“You’re just wasting your time” Kaylan snapped.
“No matter what you say or do, nobody’s touching me and that’s final. I’d rather stay here and die in this pain than let Someone sent by Xander to touch me”.

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Jaden gasped, realizing she made a grave mistake by calling him by his name in front of the physician. Oh! What is wrong with this girl??

The physician sighed and dropped his equipments.

“It’s neccesary I treat you. And since you’re proving stubborn, it’s only right I report it to Lord Xander” he stated coldly and left the room, while Jaden’s eyes almost popped out of its socket in surprise.

“Kaylan!!” She shrieked. “he’s going to tell Xander about it!”
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
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