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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 21

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 21

“My Lord!” Axel came running to him immediately.

Kaylan could feel her heart in her throat. What’s he gonna do to her?

Xander hesitated a little, staring at her and Kaylan wondered if he was thinking of the right punishment to give to her.

“Take her to the torture room and tie her up”. He commanded and Axel was extremely shocked, he paused a little.

The torture room?? Oh crap! What has the princess gotten herself into?

“As…As you wish, my Lord” he bowed and made to grab Kaylan’s hand, but she moved away.

“Hold on, you can’t treat me this way. I came here as a princess, not some slave. You can’t just punish me like I’m some maid servant” Kaylan grumbled but Xander said nothing; nothing at all.
All he did was give out those cold stares of his.

Axel knew the silence of Xander should never be taken for granted. And not wanting to get into trouble himself, he forcefully took Kaylan’s hand.

“Please, My Princess, don’t make this hard for us. Just come with me, please” he said whisperingly to Kaylan’,but she still tried protesting. And having no other option, he had to forcefully take her away.

“Let me go! Let me go!” She continued fighting it, but Axel being too strong for her, she couldn’t go free from his grasp.


Princess Sharon was with Mansi in the room when her maid rushed in and broke the news to her – the news about Kaylan stealing Xander’s bracelet and about getting punished in the torture room.

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“You mean she stole Lord Xander’s gold bracelet?” Sharon asked pretentiously, trying to put up a good show for Mansi.

“Yes, My Princess. It’s still a very big shock to us. I never thought that lady would stoop so low” the maid replied, acting along with her princess.

“Hmph. Well, what do you expect from Someone who fights and gambles? I’ve always known that lady was not fit to be a princess, talk more of being The Lord’s wife! She’s nothing but a disgrace to the Royal name!” Sharon spat out.

Mansi was quiet the whole time and it was beginning to inconvenience Sharon. Why wasn’t she staying something? Why wasn’t she showing her shock over the issue?

“Sharon” she nudged her. “Did you hear what she said?”

“Of course, I did” Sharon sighed. “I don’t think it’s any of my business”.

She stood up and walked into the bathroom.


“please, you need to help me talk to your Master. Tell him I’m sorry, please. What I did, it won’t repeat itself ever again”. Kaylan sobbed as Axel cuffed her hands to a chain that connected to the ceiling

Two guards had to assist him because she’d turned a little violent. Her both hands were tied seperately towards the ceiling and that way, they were limited.

“I’m really sorry, Princess” Axel stated as he stood in front of her.
“I sincerely wish there was something I could do, but unfortunately, there isn’t. You should try avoiding Lord Xander’s anger’.

“Just shut up! It was a mistake!” Kaylan bursted out. “Please…”

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She bent her head and sobbed pathetically, her hair flopping over her face.

The room was so quiet and damp and made her feel really scared and uncomfortable.

“It was a mistake…” She muttered again and just then, Xander walked in.

His footsteps pierced into Kaylan’s head as he walked in from behind and stood in front of her.

“We’re awaiting your orders, My Lord” Axel bowed but Xander said nothing as he just kept his gaze on Kaylan who was also staring back at him.
Those dark eyes…

“You might have been stubborn at your father’s palace. But over here, you learn to be humble. Axel!” He called and the guard stepped forward.

“5 whips”.


Kaylan’s eyes dropped open in shock. Five whips?? Five whips??

Axel glanced at the princess, then bowed his head to Xander.

“As you wish, My Lord” he replied and took the whip from the table.

Normally, he would want to be gentle on her, but considering the fact that Xander was watching and he was a man of no mercy, he had to rethink.

On a second note, Xander was actually easy on her because the Xander he knows never goes below 15 whips. And she should also be thankful he wasn’t doing it himself.

“You can’t do this to me’ Kaylan whimpered, struggling with the chains on her hands, but of course, it was impossible getting free from them.

She was about saying something else when the first whip landed on her back and she yelped.

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The second one came almost immediately. then, the third, the third, the fourth…

“No! Please…” Pathetic sobs racked her throat.
Her legs were already shaking and unfortunately, she couldn’t even move away.

The fifth and final whip landed on her and she let out an agonizing scream with tears rolling down her cheeks.
It was so painful; so painful, she could tell her skin was injured.

Xander’s eyes were fixed on her the whole time and without saying one more word, he turned and walked away.
Poor Kaylan.

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