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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 62


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 62

By: Faith Lucky

If there was a word greater than fear, Berlin would’ve definitely used it on himself at that moment. He stood at the balcony, staring at Xander as he stood under the sun with so much rage. At that moment, he wished his parents would be able to protect him.

The sun heated Lord Xander’s skin and caused some sweats to drop from him.

“You’re making the wrong choice, Berlin” he gritted and started walking forward.
The guards summoned courage and gathered themselves around him trying to block his way, but he pushed his sword into the belly of the first one in front of him, and with a groan, he landed on the ground in blood.

His death scared the others who took some steps away; but knowing their jobs and knowing they couldn’t just chicken away, they decided to fight back.

Xander’s guards from behind had already pulled out their swords, but Xander didn’t need them.

He fought with the guards, wedging their swords when they tried to hit him, hitting them on their knees and slicing and cutting through them when he saw the need.

It was a bloody fight, and deciding to make use of the distraction, Berlin started running away.

Xander was fast enough to notice him, and leaving the fight with his guards, he ran to his horse, pulled out his bow and an arrow and connected it.

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He aimed it towards Berlin who was about reaching for a corner, and “whip!” went the loud sound as the arrow left the bow and flew right in the air, where it landed on Berlin’s back.

“Berlin!!” The Queen screamed out as she saw her son reaching for the floor, the arrow stuck in his back.

She ran to him, together with her husband.

Xander dropped the bow and took up his sword, going for the balcony; Of course, the guards tried fighting and blocking his way, but he wasn’t ready to have anyone be an obstacle. So, as many that stood on his way, he cleared them off and ran into the entrance where he could get to the balcony.

Guards ran after him, but he didn’t look back as his focus was ahead. He ran hastily, took the staircase and finally bursted out to the balcony – out to where Berlin’s parents were trying to help him up from the floor. He was still conscious, tho weak and bleeding.

“Xander, what is wrong with you?? Stop this madness!” The King roared, his eyes were filled with both fear and terror.

Xander paid no attention to him as his eyes were solely on Berlin who had been dropped back on the floor. He got closer, but immediately, the Queen went on her knees in front of him.

“Xander, please!!!” She cried out, her hands reaching out to hold his legs.
That was the most humiliating thing a Queen could ever do .

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“Please, please; I’m begging you. Just stop it, please! Have mercy on my son!”

“Don’t make me spill your blood, Queen. You should get out of my way” Xander said frostily.

“No! No! I can’t watch my son die; no mother can! I’ve lost two daughters already, don’t take this from me. Please, I beg you”. She wept, holding onto his legs like one really pleading for mercy.
The sight was too painful for the King to watch, but there was nothing he could do as he hoped his wife would be able to change the beast’s mind.

“Your son’s head is mine” Xander said in a heavy breath.
“Nothing is stopping me”
He tried walking away, but the woman in front of him wouldn’t let that.

“I am the mother of your late Wife, Xander” she whimpered.
“Don’t forget we once had a relationship. I went through hell, watching my daughter die in your mansion. Please, don’t let me pass through this trauma again. Someday, you’ll become a father, and I’m so sure you’ll never want to watch anyone hurt your child. Please, Xander; have some sympathy and let my son go. Please”. Tears dripped down her cheeks as she leaned her head on Xander’s legs.

*Someday, you’ll become a father* those lines replayed in Xander’s head.
*Become a father*.

His grip got loosened a bit, the beast in him got tamed instantly.

Even the King could see it – the sudden calmness in his eyes.

*Become a father*. He thought again. Was that ever going to happen? Who would make him a father?

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He was hit hard, but Xander was never the type to make his weakness obvious. So, he exhaled deeply and looked at Berlin.

“For the rest of your miserable life, be thankful to your mother”. His tone was wintery. And with that said, he turned around and left.
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