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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 60


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 60

By: Faith Lucky

After a long aimless search, Kaylan decided to return to the Mansion to see if she could get help from some guards.

She walked all the way to the market place and paid for a ride home.
Returning to the Mansion atrer a while, she was most surprised to find Jaden, standing by the gate and talking to one of the guards. Hold on; Jaden???

Her eyes beamed as she stared at her in both shock and excitement.

“Jaden?!” She called, and Jaden turned to look at her immediately.

“Kaylan!!” She reciprocated and the two ladies ran into each other’s arms.

“My goodness! I can’t believe this is you. I’ve been searching all over for you and was about coming to ask some of the guards for help”. Kaylan cooed, turning Jaden from right to left to be sure she actually wasn’t dreaming.

“Well, I was just asking the guard after you. You know, I just returned but couldn’t find you in and needed to….”

“I know. I know. Sorry for…. leaving you off with a stranger. I needed to go for Xander”. Kaylan cut in, calmly.

“Lord Xander?” Jaden repeated.
“What happened to him, Kaylan? The woman that helped me, she told me I was poisoned…”

“Yes. It turned out Lord Xander’s tea was Poisoned. And that was the same tea you took, remember?”

“Oh….” Jaden arched her brows.
“So….So, what happened to Lord Xander? Is he fine?”

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“Of course. I was able to save him from that dumb Berlin. If I hadn’t gotten there on time, I don’t even know what would’ve happened” Kaylan reminisced and a short silence stepped in.

“Come on, Kaylan; let’s go in….” Jaden said and they both started towards the chambers.

“I was so worried about you, Jaden” Kaylan couldn’t stop talking about it.
“The woman that helped you, she didn’t give you any trouble, did she?”

“If she did, I prolly wouldn’t be here” Jaden replied.
“She was actually very nice; gave me some coins to transport back home. The only problem I experienced was a woman that seemed to be her mother”.

Kaylan looked at her, picking interest in what she had to say. .

“The old woman was so harsh; I was beginning to think someone offended her or something. But, it didn’t seem so. It was more like…. being that way was just a part of her” Jaden explained, recalling the anger and hate she had seen in the old woman’s eyes.

“Are you being serious? Why would she act that way?” Kaylan asked with a scoff.

“I wish I had an idea, Kaylan. I could tell even her daughter seemed ….”

“Princess Kaylan” they suddenly heard a familiar voice and turned to see Axel scurrying towards them.
Kaylan and Jaden stopped walking as they stared at him, walking towards them. What could he possibly want?

“Greetings, Princess Kaylan”:Axel lowered his head a little.

“Um…. Greetings to you too” she answered, shooting Jaden a stare.

“Sorry for the interruption, Princess; but Lord Xander wants you in his room – now”. Axel announced, arousing Kaylan’s surprise.
Why was that sounding like a command? Did she do something wrong so soon?

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“Um….Okay, then” she swallowed hard and turned to Jaden.

“I know; I’ll wait for you in the room” Jaden said the words before they’d leave her mouth and Kaylan nodded with a smile and left with Axel.

The two walked beside each other, Axel being so huge with his broad shoulders. Xander felt almost like a kid walking beside him.

“Is he awake?” She suddenly asked.
“I mean, Lord Xander”.

“Do you think he’d request for you while asleep?” Axel replied without even sparing her a glance and Kaylan glared hard at her.

“It was just a simple question, Okay? You should learn to be respectful” she rolled her eyes, while Axel said nothing else.
Hmph. It was possible he was being grumpy because he was closest to Lord Xander. Birds of same feathers, always flocks together – Kaylan jibed.

Finally, they got to Xander’s chambers and went in together.

Kaylan felt some sort of peace in her heart the moment she spotted Xander sitting in front of his table, writing on some scripts. He was indeed, fine – Kaylan thought.

His left arm looked wounded and was wrapped up and Kaylan could recall Prince Berlin using his sword on him. That wretched Prince, she thought angrily. She was so sure Berlin must had been the one behind the poison.

“My Lord” Axel bowed.
“The Princess is here”.

Xander didn’t raise a brow,and with his hands still moving on the script, he said:
“Leave us”.

Axel bowed and left the room, leaving just Kaylan and Xander in the room.

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Xander looked around, realizing they were indeed, the only ones left.
Okay….Now, what next?

And suddenly, Xander stopped writing.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋 💋

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