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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 53

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 53

By: Faith Lucky

Hilda walked in with Lord Xander’s meal in a tray, her head bowed and her systems trying so hard to hide her anxiety.

Her hands were nearly shaking.

“G….. Good morning, My Lord” she greeted with a bow.
But Xander didn’t turn to look at her as he just fixed his gaze into space.

“I’m not eating, Hilda” he suddenly said, making her heart skip two beats.

“M…My Lord, I don’t understand’ she stuttered and gulped hard.
“I thought you were going for a fight? You need to have some….”

“Just make me some tea, Hilda” he cut her off, calmly tho.
“Some tea and I’ll be fine”.

Hilda exhaled deeply.
“As you wish, My Lord” she bowed and left the room with the tray.
Kaylan sat quietly on the bed, her hand on her jaw, looking like one in deep thoughts.

Jaden entered not long after with some cake for breakfast.

“Here’. I’m so sure you’ll love these”. She beamed as she placed the cakes on a small table in front of Kaylan.

But Kaylan didn’t even act like she’d seen a thing in front of her.

“Hey; you okay?” Jaden nudged get, but she didn’t give a reply.

“Oh, seriously? Don’t tell me you’re still getting worried about this, Kaylan?” She rolled her eyes.

“Well, what do you expect me to do, Jaden? I just told you; I’m having a bad feeling….”

“Bad feeling about what?” Jaden cut her off, taking the space next to her on the bed.
“About the fight?”

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Kaylan nodded.

“Oh, Kaylan! You’re so unbelievable. Prince Berlin is an unfortunate man who’s out for revenge and is definitely going to get it the wrong way. I understand he’s hurt, but challenging Lord Xander to a fight is stupidity. We all know Xander has never lost in a fight. So, clearly, Prince Berlin is only looking for his death” Jaden enthused, and Kaylan took in a deep breath like she’d been convinced.

A few seconds passed, then she asked:
“Can we attend the fight?”

“What?? Are you crazy? Lord Xander doesn’t want you to go. Or, have your forgotten his orders just yesterday?” Jaden flinched.

“Of course, I can’t forget. But…. he won’t know I’ll be there. Besides, he’ll be so busy fighting, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have time to look at his guests” Kaylan rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be so stubborn, Kaylan. I believe Lord Xander had a good reason for sending his chief guard to warn you not to try attending the fight. It was more like he knows you so well and was aware you’re gonna try to do something like this…….”

“Oh! Come on, Jaden. Where’s my best friend that’s ready to break every rule with me? Ready to swim across the ocean with me? Ready to take risks and for my sake?”
She turned and winked at her and Jaden let out a chuckle.

“You know you’re crazy, right?”

“Yessss!! As long as I’m crazy with you!” Kaylan laughed and hugged her.


Prince Berlin could be seen in the room with his sword, sharpening it and fully armoured.

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He looked more serious than before, like he’s never been so serious in his entire life.

The door opened shortly with his mother coming in. She was adorned in a long blue gown, but looked really anxious as she walked towards him.

“Mother” Prince Berlin called, but she didn’t say a word until she’d gotten closer enough to hug him.

“Son’ she whispered calmly, stroking his hair.
They maintained that contact for sometime before pulling away.

“Berlin, are you sure about this?” The Queen cooed, touching his cheek.
“You can still back out of this fight, you know? I feel so scared. You know you’re the crowned prince of the Kingdom of Melik”.

“Fear is for the hopeless, mother” Berlin said in an indefatigable voice.
“You have nothing to worry about; I’ll be fine and back with Xander’s head”.

The Queen sighed pathetically and brought out a necklace from her dress.

“Here. Have this on” she put it round his neck for him.

“It’s for luck. My mother gave it to me and it’s helped me out a lot”.

She hugged him again.
“I wish you safe return, Son”.

“Thank you, mother” Berlin replied.


Hilda returned to the room with the tea and bowed as she handed it to Lord Xander. Her heart was still beating rapidly. She didn’t want to do this; didn’t want to put him in any form of danger; but she had no choice.

Xander sighed and took a sip from the cup, and that was the moment Hilda knew there would be no going back. It’s done!
Oh, no. Will she ever be able to forgive herself?

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“Is there problem, Hilda?” Lord Xander suddenly asked, wondering why she was still there.

“N… No, My Lord. I’ll take my leave now” she swallowed hard and left the room.

Lord Xander remained there with the tea in his hands, still taking some gulps.
He still couldn’t tell why he was feeling so cold about the fight.

Shortly, the door opened with Axel coming in and even before he spit out the words, Xander already knew why he was there.

“Greetings, My Lord’ he bowed.
“The carriage is ready”.

But Xander said nothing.

Axel was a little confused. He knows Lord Xander to always be the cold type, but that morning, the coldness was kind of different.

“My Lord?” He called. “Is there a problem?”

Xander said nothing immediately as he took in a deep breath and gulped more from the cup.

“It’s just pathetic, Axel” he finally said, dropping the tea cup on the table.
“It’s just pathetic that the Kingdom of Melik has lost two daughters. And now, they’re about to lose a son”.
He picked his sword sheath from the table and walked out of the room.
So, I discovered the ghost readers are becoming much on the page, and need to put an end to it.
How soon do you need the next episode?😋

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