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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 54

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 54

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan and Jaden got dressed afterwards, both trying to look as simple as possible. No matter what, Kaylan was determined to go watch the match. She wouldn’t let anyone stop her for any reason.

“But, what if Lord Xander eventually gets to know we violated his orders by showing up at the fight?” Jaden asked as she helped Kaylan brush her hair in front of the mirror.

“Oh! Stop thinking negatively, Jaden. He’s never going to find out, Okay? And even if he does, I’ll make sure you don’t get punished. Alright?”

“Fine” Jaden rolled her eyes.
“But…do you realize we haven’t even had breakfast?”

“There’s no time, Jaden. Don’t worry, we’ll find something to eat on our way; bills on me”.

“Mm. If you say so”.

Jaden finished brushing the hair and was about packing it when she noticed Kaylan’s hairpin was missing.

“Where’s your hair pin?” She asked, rechecking the hair to be sure she wasn’t missing it.

“And why are you asking me? It’s always in my hair” Kaylan answered grumpily as she brushed her fingers into the hair. But surprisingly, the hair pin wasn’t there.
Hold on; where could it be?

“Urgh! Don’t tell me you’ve misplaced it, Kaylan. That was the prettiest hairpin you had” Jaden grouse as she left her hair and started looking around on the floor to see if she could’ve misplaced it.
But, it was nowhere in the room.

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“Maybe… it’s in Xander’s room” Kaylan suddenly said, recalling the fact that she’s spent over half of the day in Xander’s room the previous day.

“Oh! That could be true. Gut,why do you think it’s there? Did your itch your hair or something?” Jaden asked.

“Of course. When the whole locking up was driving me insane, I can remember itching my hair so many times. So, it’s possible it might’ve fallen off or something”. Kaylan said.

“Oh. But, you know Xander’s left for the fight already. So,we can’t go to his room…”

“Of course, we can”. Kaylan cut her off and stood up, heading to the door.

“Kaylan…! What do you think you’re doing?” Jaden grumbled and ran after her.
“We could just make airbof another hair pin. I think I have a very pretty one in my bag” Jaden said as she followed Kaylan to Xander’s chambers.

“I don’t want any other, Jaden. You already made me fall in love with the hair pin” Kaylan answered in a brisk.
Jaden tried convincing her because she didn’t want her to get into trouble, but being the kind of person she was, Kaylan wouldn’t listen.

They finally arrived at Xander’s chambers and met two guards there.

“Greetings, Princess” the guards greeted with a bow.

“Oh! Greetings to you two. Um.,.. actually, I need to go in there and search for something really important. I need to make use of it right now”. Kaylan said and for a few seconds, the guards hesitated.

“Sorry, Princess. But Lord Xander is not in. You can’t go in now” the guard replied, earning a hard glare from Kaylan.

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“I’m not stealing, Okay? You can come in and supervise me if you so wish. I just want to take my hair pin which must’ve fallen off my hair while I was here, yesterday. Besides, isn’t this meant to be My Husband’s room? I’d suggest you get out of my way before your excessive seriousness gets you into trouble”. She rasped.
She spoke so fast, the guards were amazed.

Glancing at each other, they finally came to an agreement and pushed the door open for her.

“Good job” she smiled and walked in with Jaden who was looking like a wet tortoise.

“God! Kaylan; did you really have to be so rude all the time? I know I’m always stubborn and all, but yours is just excess” Jaden grouse, but Kaylan said nothing to her as she started checking the floors carefully.
Oh! What if they’ve swept it away? It better not be.

“Looks like Lord Xander left some tea” She heard Jaden say from behind, but didn’t even look at her as she kept her eyes focused on the floor.

“I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to drink it when he returns…..Hm. Tastes so nice”.

Kaylan’s eyes were still glued to the floor and finally, she spotted it beneath the bed.

“Found it!” She beamed as she knelt close to it, stretched her hand and pulled it out.

“Oh! You finally got it? Lucky you” Jaden said,.

“Yeah, good for me, indeed…” Kaylan turned around to show her the pin in excitement, but to her surprise, found Jaden, holding a cup of tea.

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“What?? Don’t tell me you’ve been drinking that! Is it yours??” Kaylan tweaked her ear.

“Ouch! Let me go, Kaylan. I didn’t drink all of it’ Jaden grouse and quickly dropped the cup down on the table.

“You’re so unserious. Let’s go” Kaylan huffed and left the room, while Jaden followed.
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