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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 49

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 49

By dawn of the following day, the news of the fight taking place between Lord Xander and Prince Berlin had gone really rival.

Kings and Rulers had gotten an invitation to the venue of the fight and they were all muddled, wondering why Prince Berlin would challenge someone like Xander to a fight.

They all know him – he was the master of swords, the demon fighter. Kingdoms were scared of going to war with him. So, why would Prince Berlin want to bring trouble for himself?

Some of them felt it was a waste of time going to see how a mere prince would be killed. But the others felt they would really want to enjoy the show.
That morning, Kaylan sat in the room with Jaden, talking over it with breakfast.

“But why would Prince Berlin challenge Lord Xander to a fight? Just because he wants revenge?” Jaden asked, munching on her bread.
“It’s just like a fly going to challenge a lion”.

Kaylan said nothing as she only ate in silence, having a doleful look on.

“What’s the problem with you, Kaylan? You don’t want the fight to go on?” Jaden asked.

“It’s not just that, Jaden. I don’t know why but, I feel so uncomfortable with the fight taking place tomorrow. I feel like… something bad is about to happen” Kaylan muttered.

“Oh, Kaylan. Will you stop being dramatic? It’s Lord Xander we’re talking about, you know? He’s undefeatable. I think Prince Berlin’s just acting out of anger and it’s so unfortunate that anger is going to get him killed. I wonder if his parents are not trying to stop him”. Jaden shook her head and took another munch from her bread.

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They continued eating and just then, a knock came on the door.

“Who’s it?” Jaden did the asking and the door opened with Axel coming in.

“I didn’t ask you to come in. I only wanted to know who was knocking” Jaden snapped, but Axel said nothing as he only walked in with his shoulders high and stood in front of Kaylan.

“Greetings, Princess” he bowed a little.
“Sorry for the interruption, but Lord Xander wants you in his chambers – now”.

Kaylan’s jaws dropped. What???

She glanced at Jaden who was also looking gobsmacked.

“Wh…. why?” She stuttered, confused.

“I’m sorry, Princess. But I can’t say” Axel replied.

“And why would you deliver a message when you can’t state the reason?”Jaden cut in.
“My princess deserves to know why she’s being called upon”.

“Since you derive so much joy in being the princess’ spokesman, I’d suggest you go ask Lord Xander his reason for calling on her” Axel answered brusquely and returned his gaze to Kaylan.

“I’ll be waiting outside, My Princess” he added and started walking away, while Jaden’s mouth was agaped with shock.

“You’re completely mannerless, you know that?!” She rasped from behind.
“The nerves of that guy to speak that way to me”.

“Jaden, why do you think Xander’s calling for me?” Kaylan asked as soon as he walked pass the door, ignoring Jaden’s queries.

“I wish I had an idea, Kaylan. Did you do something wrong?” Jaden asked.

“I’ve been with you the whole time,Jaden. What could I possibly do wrong? Even if I did something wrong, you know you’ll be the first to find out”.

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Jaden placed her hand on her jaw.

“Tell you what, Kaylan, I think you should just go for it. Yes, don’t worry. Just go. Since you didn’t do anything wrong, you shouldn’t be scared”. Jaden said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… it’s not like you have any other option, anyway. Come on, don’t commit a real offense by keeping him waiting” Jaden urged and Kaylan stood up afterwards.

She paused and took a downward glance at her dress.

“Do you think I’m good enough, or I should….”

“You’re good enough, Kaylan. It’s morning and no one should be seen with a heavy look” Jaden rolled her eyes, making Kaylan tweak her ear.


“You better mind the way you talk to me, Jaden. I can have you whipped”. She warned, but Jaden only bursted out laughing.

“Even if you become the ruler of the entire world, you can never have me punished” Jaden spanked her @ss while Kaylan laughed and left the room.
Getting outside, she met Axel still waiting for her and that was where her fears returned. Why was Xander calling for her?

He took the lead while she followed and after a long walk, they got to his chambers.

“He’s inside, Princess” Axel pointed to the room and took his position which was right beside the entrance, but Kaylan felt nervous going in.

“Um .. Do you think he wants to punish me?” She asked lowly, itching her nape.

“I don’t think so, Princess. I just see you should go in and see for yourself” he answered and fixed his gaze straight, indicating he didn’t want any more questions.

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Kaylan was baffled. Why else would Xander be calling for her, huh? The only times he’s sent for her was when she’d done something wrong and he’d wanted to punish her. So, what could it be this time around?

Standing there and questioning herself, she decided she couldn’t get any answers from there and decided to go in herself.


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