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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 35

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 35

By: Faith Lucky

The rest of the ride home was quiet – as usual – and Kaylan used that moment to reminisce on what had happened a while ago.

It was still coming as a shock to her, knowing Princess Nivea was dead, and she actually died in her place. What could’ve happened if she had taken the drink instead of her?

Suddenly, her last words replayed in her head:
“Avoid getting pregnant for Lord Xander”.

The words rang in her head like a bell. What does she mean by that?? How does getting pregnant have to do with the death of Xander’s previous wives? She really couldn’t understand it.

Good saviors! So many unanswered questions in her head; so many pondering.
After a longer while, they finally arrived at the mansion and Xander was the first to step out as he looked rather impatient
He was impatient, but of course, it was never going to be obvious on his facial expression.

With his guards around him, he walked away, not sparing Kaylan a glance.
Quietly, Kaylan also stepped out of the carriage and stood for a long time, just staring at the direction he’d taken. So many thoughts filled her head.

Hold on; how did she even get released from the dungeon in the first place? She didn’t even think about that.

Since she was being accused for Nivea’s death, why didn’t they press on the matter?? Could it be possible something else had happened??

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“Kaylan!” She heard her name and knew instantly it was Jaden.
Oh, great!

She turned towards the direction of tge the blaring voice and found her running towards her direction.

“I’ve been waiting all day for you! Come here!” Jaden squealed and pulled her into a tight hug which made Kaylan laugh.

“So, you miss me that much, huh?” Kaylan asked.

“Of course! And I know you miss me too. Come on; let’s get you inside!” She held her hand and ecstatically, they began walking away.


Lord Xander sent for Anya on his way to his room. And getting to his room, he took off his heavy clothings and went into the bathroom for a shower.

As the cold water rushed down his scars, some old memories came flashing along with it; memories he’s always wanted to bury.

He shot his eyes, but couldn’t shot them out. So, he just had to endure it until he was done with his bath and put some new clothes on.

He returned to the bedroom and found Anya already standing and waiting.

“My Lord” she greeted with a bow.

Xander’s breath was unusually ruffled.

“You should know what to do, Anya. I shouldn’t tell you all the time” he rasped, making Kaylan flinch a little

“I’m sorry,My Lord. Please, forgive me” she bowed and quickly proceeded to taking off her clothes.

In less than a minute, she was done and quickly went to the bed to lay – giving him her back as usual and awaiting the beastly nature.

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Xander, who just couldn’t wait any longer, took off his clothes as well and went ahead to kneel behind her on the bed.

He brought his phãllus closer to her opening and went deep into her without a warning – as usual.

Anya gritted out, forcing herself not to scream as she didn’t want to.

He pulled out to the entrance, then went in again and getting the slimminess he wanted,he began thrusting in and out of her, repeatedly.

His thrusts were deep and hard as usual with Anya there to take everyone of it since she didn’t have a choice Anyway.

The process went on for a while and when he was done, he released and pulled out of her, leaving the bed afterwards.

Anya’s legs were already hurting as usual as she managed to close them up and left the bed when she figured Xander should be done putting on his clothes already.

She picked up her own clothes from the floor, wore them on and bowed to him as usual.

“My Lord, I’ll…”

“When was the last time you saw your monthly flow, Anya?” Xander cut her off, making Anya’s legs shake a little
Good saviors!

Xander was a very observant man and had prolly noticed for the past two months, each time he called her for sêx, she never complained about being on her flow or anything.

“I…I…” Her heart raced heavily.
“I…I don’t have a problem with that, My Lord. I understand how my body reacts”.

Xander turned from the table to look at her, his burning eyes passing a lot of message

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Anya couldn’t even stare at him for long as she felt she might just pass out any moment.

“You can leave” he finally Said and with another bow, she turned towards the door and left.
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