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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 36

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 36

By: Faith Lucky

Prince Berlin stood in the room, his heard tearing apart as he watched his mother crying over the death of Nivea.

His father was there as well, unable to console her as he was also in a sober state. And his younger brother – Prince Feliz – and younger sister – Princess Olivia -were also present in the room.

“Who could’ve done this to me?” The Queen wept bitterly.
“What have I done to deserve this cruelty from the world? Two daughter – two daughters have I lost within the blink of an eye. Do I really deserve this??”

“The Kingdom of Sambona should be held responsible for this” The King suddenly snapped. “I gave my daughter to them as a wife and this is what I get in return? Losing her to some unexplained poison? No! I’m never letting this issue go down the drain. Never”.

“The fault isn’t from the Sambona Kingdom, father” Prince Berlin replied.
“We all know who the enemy is already”

“But…. why would Princess Kaylan want to kill Nivea in the first place?” Princess Olivia asked.
“I mean, I don’t see any point in it. They haven’t even met before. And besides, the drink was given to Kaylan from one of the maids in the Sambona….”

“Keep it shut, Olivia!” Prince Berlin snapped in, looking so angry.
“You know nothing about this, so don’t get involved! You’re trying to sound defensive; have you forgotten about Laila? She died while married to Xander! Or have you forgotten so soon??”

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“I wasn’t sounding defensive. I was just…”

“I said keep it shut!”

And Olivia clamped her lips shut immediately, angrily tho.

Berlin gritted his teeth.
“I hate that man” he said. “And I want to make him pay for every pain he’s brought to this Family. I’ve made a decision; I’ll be challenging him to a sword fight. Not just me – but Feliz as well”.

“Whaaat??” The King flinched.
“What’re you talking about, Berlin? What do you mean you and your brother will be challenging him to a fight? Are you forgetting who we’re taking about here? It’s Lord Xander – he never loses a fight”.

“He will – this time around” Prince Berlin said with a smile.
“Because I have great plans for him”.


Lord Xander sat in front of his table, writing out some messages in scrolls – messages he intended sending out.

It wasn’t long before the door went open went open with Axel walking in.

“Greetings, My Lord! The chief counselor is here to see you” he stated with a bow and it took Xander some seconds before giving him a reply:

“Let him in” his grumpy voice replied and with a bow, Axel left.
Almost immediately, The chief counselor walked in, holding a scroll with him.

“Greetings, My Lord” he bowed as usual.
“I have an important message from the board of councils and would love you to go through it please”.

Xander looked at him as he walked closer and handed the scroll to him. Calmly, he rolled it out and began reading the written content, the chief counselor taking note of the displeased look that crept into his face bit by bit.
It had to do with the issue of King Moreh – Kaylan’s father.

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“Has it… gotten to this extent?” He asked in his deceptive calm tone.

“Yes, My Lord. Unfortunately,it has. We have to take this drastic step right now, for the meantime” Replied the chief counselor.

Xander exhaled lightly as he dropped the scroll on the table. He didn’t like the sound of this.

“Does the princess know already?” He asked, his gaze on the table.

“No. She doesn’t need to know, My Lord. If she does, it wouldn’t turn out well”. The counselor replied.

A longer time passed as Xander dived into a deep thought. The chief counsellor stood the whole time and the was beginning to feel uncomfortable already.

“My Lord? Should we go on with it?” He asked tenderly. And finally, Xander looked at him.

“Yes, you can”. He answered and the counselor bowed and left.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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