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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 58


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 58

By: Faith Lucky

“Hurry up, Callum; Hurry up” Hilda said to her son as they parked up their important things in their bags.
“Make sure you leave no essential thing behind”.

Sound of bottles and bags could be heard.

“But, where do we go from here, mother?” Callum suddenly looked at her and asked.

“That isn’t important for now, Callum. It doesn’t matter if we live under the sea or anything. Getting away is the most important thing for us right now, because if Lord Xander ever gets to lay his hands on us, we’ll both be dead. So, hurry up”: Hilda answered huskily and tried concentrating.

“Thank you, mother” Callum said. “Thank you for taking the risk to save me”.

Hilda looked at him and simply nodded.


Kaylan stepped out of the carriage and followed Axel behind as they carried Xander to his chambers. He wasn’t looking any better, and still seemed unconscious.

They got to his chambers and laid him on the bed.

“Go get the Physician. Quick!”Axel ordered and the guards hurried out of the room

He touched Xander’s hair and arranged his clothes properly. His arm was still bleeding .

“Do you think he’ll be fine?” Kaylan asked from behind, sounding some worried.

“He should” Axel replied, without looking at her.

Then, she thought of Jaden. Oh, Jaden! How does she find her?

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“I need to go somewhere” she muttered to Axel and ran out of the room.
She got out of the mansion and found a carriage she could pay for. She described her location to the rider and got in afterwards, hoping Jaden was still safe.

Jaden felt herself lying on something soft and cold. She spread her arms apart and turned with a slight grunt. Where was she?

Her eyes went open immediately and she looked around and discovered she was in a strange room – a small, congested room.

Huh?? How did she end here???

She flinched and was about jumping on her feet when she suddenly heard a voice:

“Keep calm, dear. You’re fine now, and out of danger”.

She turned swiftly to see a familiar woman walking towards her. Hold on; of course, she could recognize her.

She was the woman from the carriage – the carriage she and Kaylan had entered on their way to go watch the fight.
Where’s Kaylan?? And how did she end up here??

“What am I doing here?” She asked the woman with a stern look.

“You have nothing to worry about, dear. If I wanted to hurt you, you’d be dead already”. she said with a light smile as she sat in front of her, holding a small bowl.

“Here. You should drink this”. She stretched it out to Jaden, who didn’t even touch it.

“Where’s my friend? I want to know why I’m here” she demanded.

“Your friend should be looking for you by now. And don’t worry, you’ll be meeting her soon enough. Just drink this so you’ll be a lot stronger and be on your way”. The woman enthused.

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*Be on my way?* Jaden thought. So easily?

“You passed out in the carriage. Don’t you remember?” The woman suddenly said.
“You passed out and your friend asked me to take care of you, while she goes to save…. I don’t even know”.

“What’re you talking about?* Jaden scoffed. “Kaylan would never leave me, knowing I was in danger”.

“Well… I don’t think she wanted to leave you. I mean, you took something poisonous, and I think she was going to save the second person that was poisoned or something”.


“What do you mean I was Poisoned?” Jaden asked.

“Well, I have no idea, but whatever you took this morning was Poisoned” the woman replied and it suddenly dawned on Jaden.

The tea she had taken from Lord Xander’s room. Now, it was making more sense to her…
Lord Xander was also poisoned??

She gasped and looked up at the woman and was about saying something when the old door suddenly burst open with a pretty old woman walking in.

She halted and took a dim look at Jaden on the bed.

“Mother!”the woman in front of Jaden stood up immediately and rushed to her.

“Ayita, who is this?” The old woman asked huskily, throwing a glare at Jaden.
Every single strand of hair on her head was completely white. She looked really old but wasn’t bent tho. And she had some marks on her face.

“Um… She is just someone I was giving some help to, mo….”

“What nonsense??” She growled.
“How dare you bring a stranger to my home, Ayita? Have you lost it??”

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“But, mother….”

“Get her away from here! Now!! Leave my house!” She snapped and stormed out of room, leaving Jaden in shock.
What the hell was that??
Happy new month, lovelies 😘😘

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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