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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 56


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 56

By: Faith Lucky

It was poisoned! Kaylan thought.
And that was the same drink…. Xander had taken!

Oh, no; it can’t be possible. Xander’s about having a fight!!

Her eyes rotated all around Jaden.

“Is she…. is she still alive?” She asked in deep breaths.

“Yes. The poison isn’t meant to kill; it’s only meant to cause dizziness and weakness. She’s still fine” the woman replied and Kaylan got off her knees immediately, turning to the rider.

“Please, I beg you with everything you believe in; take me to the venue of the fight. Please..!” She said desperately with her palms placed together.

“What’re you talking about?? Your friend’s unconscious and you’re thinking of the fight?” The rider asked with a ridiculous scoff.

“Please!! Just do it! Please, I beg you. Please”.
He could see tears glistening in her eyes already. Whatever her reasons, he how had a feeling it was important.

He turned towards the carriage and got in.

“I’ll be back for my friend” Kaylan said without thinking twice and hurried into the carriage.

“Wait…! You don’t even know me!” The woman yelled out, but it was already too late as the carriage took off.
Princess Mansi walked into her mother’s room and met her trimming her nails.

Madame Nadia was still young and beautiful looking, despite having three grown kids.

“How’re you doing, Mansi?” She asked, sparing her a glance and quickly returning her gaze to her nails.

“I’m fine, mother” Mansi replied calmly and took a seat next to her on the bed.

She let out a few seconds slide, admiring her pretty nails.

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“Mother” she called. “Don’t you think we should’ve gone to watch the fight between Lord Xander and Prince Berlin?”

“For what reason, Mansi? We both know it’s only going to be a waste of time because Xander’s sure to win. It’s just going to be boring having to watch same thing happen over and over again”. Madame Nadia replied.

“Hmm. You sound so sure, mother. Does it mean Lord Xander is undefeatable….all the time?”

“Well…It might not be all the time. But, as far as we know already, he’s never been defeated. And I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon; well, unless the enemy decides to use a dubious means….”


Lord Xander walked into the middle of the arena and stood some paces away from Berlin, with the coordinator standing in the gap.

The dizziness was hitting hard at him, but his strong headedness was trying to fight it. Why would he feel dizzy all of a sudden?

“And our two War Lords are here!!;” The coordinator yelled out.
“Are you ready???”

“Yeahhhhhhhh!!!” Came the loud reply.

He smirked and looked at both of them.

“Lord Xander, and Prince Berlin – to the death”.
And with that said, he stepped away, and went to the tail end of the arena; while Xander and Berlin stood with nothing separating them.

Prince Berlin had a huge smile on his face as he pulled out his sword and threw the empty sheath on the floor.

Xander also did same, trying so hard to keep his head sane.

“Are you ready for this, Xander?” Berlin smirked, taking some steps away from his spot.

The entire crowd was watching; curious anticipating eyes. Light mumblings and cheers….

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“Should I go first?” Berlin teased. “Or, you will?”

And with that, he charged towards Xander with his sword, but Xander was quick enough to miss.
It gave him an ahead position with Berlin, which he made use of, and kicked him on the ribs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Came the yell from the crowd.

Anger coursed through Berlin as he gained stamina and turned to face Xander.
With a yell, he lifted his sword high against him, but Xander wedged it with his. As he did that, he noticed his hands shook and became so weak; he had to bring them down immediately .
What’s happening to him?

“You sure you’re okay…. Lord Xander?” Berlin sniggered and kicked him in the knee.
Kaylan got to the venue, jostled her way through the crowd and felt her heart leave her chest when she discovered Xander and Berlin were already having the fight.
Oh, no…. she could see it on Xander…. The poison was already taking effect; he was already getting weak!!
With the kick from Berlin, it brought Xander to his knees and Berlin tried hitting him with the sword, but again, Xander was fast enough to wedge it with his. Berlin punched him in the face, and it made Xander lose his hold on his sword.
His back nearly reached the ground, but never; he wasn’t going in let that happen. No one has ever made that happen.

The crowd were beginning to mutter amongst themselves, wondering what was going on. Lord Xander has never appeared so weak before.

Berlin gave him another punch and tried making his back hit the ground, but it didn’t work out. And since Xander’s hand was dangling towards the floor, he was able to use his sword on Berlin’s leg, giving him a deep cut.

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“Urgh!” Berlin grunted and staggered back.
What the hell???

Xander got back on his feet and returned a pinch on Berlin’s face, but he could barely give a second when the weakness became unbearable and his knees gave out.

Berlin, still in pains, decided to utilize that opportunity and make sure he’d be the reason Xander’s back touches the floor.

He kicked him on his ribs and used his sword to give him a deep cut across his shoulder.

Xander let out a painful grunt at the seering pain, and Berlin kicked his chest and finally, his back hit the floor.

It wasn’t just the pain, but the weakness; faintness.

A wild gasp escaped the crowd instantly, a shocked gasp.

And as Berlin stood in front of the barely-consious Xander with his sword, he let out a victorious smile.

“I did this to you, Xander” he said. “I DEFEATED YOU!!”

He was panting heavily, unconscious Xander lying weakly on the floor, unable to get a single grip of strength. He could barely have a clear sight of Berlin’s face.

And as Prince Berlin lifted his sword high in the air, about to slash it through Xander’s neck, a female’s voice suddenly broke out.


He halted, turned and saw Princess Kaylan, running towards them.

She ran into the arena, like flash, and crashed herself to the floor beside Xander’s body, admist tears.

“NO!! Please!! Please, don’t do this. Please….!” She sobbed, hugging Xander’s body tight
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