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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 61


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 61

By: Faith Lucky

Xander stopped writing and leaned back on his chair, gaining Kaylan’s gaze on him.
She noticed the displeasure on his face as he stretched out his wounded arm to reach for a scroll.

“Please, take a seat, Princess” he stated effortlessly and Kaylan looked around for the nearest seat.
She found one right behind her and took it, sitting like a humble lady.

Lord Xander went cold for a second as he started unfolding the scroll.

“Axel told me you were the first to know about the poison” he began, his eyes on the scroll he was rolling.
“How did that happen?”

Kaylan itched the back of her neck.

“Well….” She hesitated a little.
“I had come into your room to get my hair pin and…. Jaden saw the tea on the table and took a taste from it. She didn’t mean to be intruding, you know? She just wanted to have a taste of it. So … on our way to watch the fight, she passed out in the carriage and one of the passengers told me she was poisoned. Then, I remembered… the tea was the only thing she had tasted, and I knew that was also the same thing you had tasted. So, I ran to the venue of the fight to save you, because I knew you had been poisoned”. She’ explained, while Lord Xander watched her tiny lips moving the whole time.

He scoffed and stood up.

“So, you were actually heading for the fight even when I told you not to?” He asked as he walked to his shelf, and that was when it dawned on Kaylan.
Oh, no; what had she been thinking??

She bit her lower lip and lowered her gaze to the floor immediately.

“It’s um…. not what you think” she gulped hard.

Xander took the book he wanted from his shelf and turned around to face her.

“Thank you, Kaylan” Kaylan’s eyes darted in surprise the moment she heard those words.
She whipped her head swiftly to look at him, not wanting to believe those words had really come out of Xander; but he said them again.

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“Thank you for taking the risk, to come into that arena. At least, now I know your stubbornness could be useful at times. I owe you a treat”.
And with that said, he walked away, going into his inner chambers while Kaylan sat there in shock.

Okay; this was probably a dream; a big dream.

Of course,it wasn’t real.

Lord Xander…. just showed some appreciation??????


Kaylan returned to the room, looking like a blushing ghost with Jaden eating some sauce on the bed. She noticed the funny look on Kaylan’s face as she walked in and sat quietly on the bed.

“Hey” Jaden kicked her with her feet.
“What’s the problem? You didn’t get punished, did you!?”

Kaylan simply shook her head negatively.

“Okay….So, why are you acting this way? Rather.. looking this way?” Jaden licked some sauce off here three fingers.

“It’s nothing serious, just that…. Lord Xander did something I never thought he could do” she paused and chuckled.
“He thanked me for what happened, thanked me for going into the arena to save him”.

Jaden’s pretty eyes widened in surprise.
“Huh?? He did???”

Kaylan nodded with smiles all over.

“So, Lord Xander can be that humble afteral?”

“Well, of course. I saved his life” Kaylan snorted and stood up, going to face the window.
“He’s actually lucky he thanked me else, I’d have punched him right on the nose. Anyway, he also told me he owes me a treat, and for his own good, he better does it”. She spoke with a bossy smirk, while Jaden shook her head like she was actually that bold in front of Xander.


Kaylan and Jaden were up in time as they had slept early the previous night. They played around in the room and Kaylan was trying to fix her hair when Jaden suddenly called from the window.

“Where do you think Lord Xander is going with so many guards?” She asked as they watched him and some guards riding out.
He was fully armoured and she wondered if it wasn’t affecting his injury. Where were they going anyways? Shouldn’t he be resting by now?

“I have no idea” Jaden shurgged.
The ride to Melik Kingdom was a very long one, and Lord Xander was the most impatient. He kept hitting his horse most of the time to make it move faster and even with the fact that he was ahead of the others, he still didn’t feel he was moving fast enough as he just wanted to snap his eyes open and find himself in front of the gate.

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As the horse rode faster, so did the memories of how Berlin had made his back hit the ground, flash into his head. That bàstard!!

Finally, they got there and the guards at the big opened gate try stopping them, but Xander wasn’t there for permission as he rode past them with the rest behind him.

The people moving around in the palace, holding bowls and baskets, all stopped abruptly and turned to watch, wondering who the strange angry – looking men on horses were, especially the one in front.

Xander jumped down from his horse, drew out his sword and looked up at the castle in front of him.

“Berlin!!!” His voice was a roar.
Axel and the rest of the guards had also stepped down from their horses and stood behind him.

Armed guards from around started running towards them as well, but that didn’t freak Xander, not even a bit.

Gasps and mumblings had started going circulating from the people around who stood and watched from a distance in fear. Only the Melik guards were bold enough to come close.

“Berlin!!!!” Xander roared again.
“Come out now and face me!!!!!”

Lord Xander was never the much-talker. So, hearing him yell that way, you could imagine how deadly his voice would be.

The King suddenly stepped out, standing at the balcony which was slightly distant from where Xander was. His wife, the Queen, was the next to come out. Then followed by Noah, and finally Berlin.


Desperation glinted in Xander’s eyes as soon as they spotted him.
The Melik guards ran and stood in front of Lord Xander, trying to create enough protection from where he stood to the balcony.

“Lord Xander” The King called, wearing a displeased look.
“What is the meaning of this? Why trying to create a scene in my palace?”

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“I did not come here for you, King Of Melik. And I don’t want any other blood to be shed here today, aside your son. So, tell him to come out and FACE ME!!” Xander said raucously, walking a few paces around.

The King glanced at Berlin, his wife was already paranoid and nearly shaking.

“I know you to be a wise man, Xander” the King said.
“And you should know, what you’re trying to do is foolish. If you want a fight with my son, you do it the right way. Prepare for it, send him an invitation and await his response”.

“This is an UNFINISHED fight, King of Melik. Your SON started this fight and I’m here to finish it. We have to finish it – today, right here, right now. Now, I’m giving him just three seconds to come out here and face me. Else, I’ll create a blood path till I meet him..”

“I do not want a fight today, Xander” Berlin decided to speak up.
“Your little wife already ruined it yeste….”

Before the words could completely leave Berlin’s lips, Xander took up his sword and slashed it through the neck of one of the guards in front of him.

“Argh!!!!!!” Few of the women watching around, screamed as they watched the guard drop dead on the floor, with his head nearly falling off his neck.

The Queen also gasped and covered her mouth with her palms. And as for the rest of the guards standing in front of Xander, they stood there in confusion.

“You should know better than daring me, Berlin” Xander gritted.
“These guards standing in front of me are nothing to me; I can slit every one of their throats in less than 10 seconds and kill as many more as you’d send until I get to that balcony and cut my sword through your brother’s neck before it gets to yours. Now, for the last time, come out and face me”.
Who else can imagine how Berlin must be feeling right now?

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