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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 50


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 50

By: Faith Lucky
Hilda’s heart was beating so heavily as she stood at the balcony with the strange man.

The walls were cracked and the area, almost unrecognizable. She couldn’t even tell where she was.

The strange man let out a smirk as he saw the fear on her face. And then he took out the wrapped potion and handed over to her.

“Tomorrow’s the day; don’t forget” he said.
“All you have to do is make sure you sprinkle this in Lord Xander’s meal or drink, so he takes them just before he leaves for the battle. I know you don’t want to do this,but don’t forget the life of your only son is at stake. My men are with him and the moment they notice you’ve failed on your mission, they’ll split your son’s neck and send his head to you. Do you understand?”

Hilda’s hands were shaking with the potion in it; she was sweating profusely. Why would these men want to poison Lord Xander?

She knew what that is; she could tell it wasn’t a poison to kill, but a poison to make him weak and dizzy. Why would they want to do this?

Oh, savhors! Her son’s life was at stake! She didn’t even know where they’d taken him already. What does she do?

Suddenly, the man gripped her roughly by the arm.

“I SAID, do you understand?” He gritted and she nodded tearfully.


It had taken Kaylan a lot to summon up the courage she needed and walk into the room. And getting inside, a sweet aroma welcomed her.

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She paused, looked around, but couldn’t find Xander. But… she’d found some garnished meals on the small dining which was just beside the wall. Hm. So, Lord Xander could eat this much?

But where was he, anyways? Was the guard sure he was in?

She took another step away from the door, into the room and her eyes caught the sight of the glittering jewelries on the wall.

Oh! No, Kaylan! The last time she’d admired his jeweleries, it didn’t turn out well. So, quickly, she took her gaze away and the next place her eyes rested upon were the food on the dining.

Oh! For the creators sake! It was looking so delicious.

She walked closer to it, taking a peep and she found one of her favorite beef part over there. But why would Lord eat so much food, huh? It wasn’t good for a man to eat that much – definitely.

Well…he could eat all he wants, but perhaps, taking just that part wouldn’t change a thing. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t even notice.

So, with that thought in mind, she looked around again and quickly, dipped her hand into the plate where she brought out the sauced meat. But that was her doom as the door to the bathroom opened immediately with Lord Xander stepping out of it.
Oh, God! No…!

Kaylan’s heart skipped immediately.

He was putting on a black nightie and first had his eyes staring down at the floor before lifting them and noticing the lady in front of him. With….a piece of meat. Wow…

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Kaylan could feel her heart in her mouth we she stared at the meat and looked up at him. Goodness! Was this a trap or something? What would he think of her? Stealing meat from his meal?

Slowly, she dropped the meat back into the plate.

“Um…. I can assure you; it’s not what you think. I was …Um… Only trying to make sure …”

She stopped talking when Xander left the bathroom door and started walking towards her. No; not towards her; but the dining.

Okay; maybe she didn’t needed to explain. Let the worst happen already….

The sauce from the meat was still stuck on her finger and timidly, she licked it.

There were just two chairs on the dining, each across,. And gentle Xander’ took one of the seats.
Even in her predicament, she still had the time to notice how charming he looked – as usual.

His skin color was unusually glowing with his pretty eyes adding so much cuteness to him.

His long hair was well brushed and relaxed, and as they fell freely on his back, they sparkled.

“Greetings, My Lord” she finally said, realizing she hadn’t greeted since he walked in. And that was a big offense.

“Um…Your chief guard told me you wanted to see me”.

“Take a seat, Kaylan” Xander said almost immediately.
“Let’s have breakfast”.

Okay; and that was the point Kaylan had to express her surprise.
Hold on; breakfast??? Was this a joke or something??

For almost a minute, she was silent.

“My Lord?” She scoffed. “Is there… A problem?”

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“Yesterday”, Xander looked up at her.
“When you were babbling about responsibilities and the rest, you never told me having breakfast was a problem”.

Hold on; whaaat??? Was he doing all of these because of the things she’d said the previous day?? Goodness! That was just some stupid excuse to get him to see her, and also stop him from copulating with that sèx mistress of his. She didn’t mean a thing.

“My…My Lord, I didn’t mean to upset you with my words yesterday. And I sincerely hope you’re not taking it the wrong way” she said with her head bowed. .

“Not yet, Kaylan. But I really think you should sit” he stated grumpily and realizing she didn’t have much of an option anymore, she lowered herself to the seat behind her.

Seriously? Well, it was to her own benefit, anyway. At least, she’d get to have a taste of that meat …

“Um…. I must say… thank you for this privileg” she cleared her throat a bit and said.
The room was so bright and for the first time, she could notice something about Lord Xander – he was a pretty young guy. Just his huge muscles and grumpiness made him seem tooo matured most of the times.

“It isn’t a privilege, Kaylan” he said, picking up his cutleries.
“It’s a responsibility – you explained it yourself. And.. I hope you’re ready to spend the night on my bed today”.
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