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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 4

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky

Jaden stood at the entrance of the hallway, still trying to convince the guards.

“Please…” She begged. “You have to let me in. Come on; I won’t take long”.

“You’re just wasting your time, Jaden. No matter what you do, we aren’t letting you in. The King has given specific orders not to let anyone – especially you – into the princess’ Chambers” one of the guards replied bluntly and Jaden gasped.
Whaat?? The King had given such order??

She fiddled with her nails and looked left and right. Oh! What does she do? She had been really worried about her

That was the first time the King had caught her red handed and she knew he’d be really really mad. So, she wanted to know what punishment he had given her this time around.

“But…how about you just pass a message for me?” She turned to the guards and said.
“Just tell her… I came to check up on her and… I’m really sorry for whatever punishment the King must’ve given to her”.

“We’re not delivering any message, Jaden. Get out” The second guard replied grumpily and Jaden glared hard at him.

“You…” She pointed her finger at him. “You so rude” she mumbled and finally walked away.




Kaylan sat in front of the mirror as they dressed her hair.

Her face was so long and portrayed anger and dissapointment. She felt so bittered.

Finally, she was getting married – getting married to someone she’s never met before.

Although, it was very common in their culture for planned marriages to take place – it was possible for two strangers to just get hooked up by their parents and get married the following day, but she’s always hated it. Yeah! She did.

She’s always dreamt of getting married to a guy she’d – at least – like, if not for love. She’s always wanted to get married to a man of her choice and not just some strange cruel master with a bad image.

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She had even pleaded with her father to post pone the meeting so they could get married in two days time, but the old man wouldn’t listen and insisted on marrying her off that very day and ite was so so annoying!

“I’m done, Princess” the hair dresser said and Kaylan glanced into the mirror.

The hair had been styled and beautified with some jewellries.

She was putting on a bridal attire and couldn’t believe she was actually the one looking that matured.

“Do you like it, my princess?” The hair dresser said ecstatically but Kaylan only glared hard at her.

“You want to know the truth? It’s ugly” she answered bluntly and rolled her eyes.

The hair dresser gasped in shock, wondering if the princess was speaking the truth or she was only being angry.

She was sure she had done a great job.

The door opened shortly and a guard showed up.

“Princess Kaylan, your carriage is ready. It’s time to leave” the guard said and Kaylan felt like puking.

“Princess Kaylan” the guard called again when she didn’t respond and she rolled her eyes and stood up.

“I heard you the first time, Okay? You don’t have to yell at me” she snapped and walked out the door while the guard followed.
She walked out of her chambers, her countenance getting worst and when they got to the carriage, she found her mother waiting there for her.

She lowered her gaze to the floor and fiddled with her nails, not wanting to look at her.

“Kaylan” the Queen called with a sigh. “I understand that you’re angry, but there’s nothing any k us can do at the moment”.

Kaylan didn’t say a word and the Queen took her hand into hers.

“Remember everything I told you last night. Be polite to him, gentle and who knows? You’ll be able to survive it”.

Kaylan only scoffed.

“My dear” she continued. “I know we’ve heard a lot of rumours about this man, but it’s possible…”

“There’s no need for this, mum” Kaylan cut her off, politely tho. “No matter what you say, it’s not going to change the fact thst I don’t want to get married to anyone at all! I just hate this”

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The Queen sighed and touched her face.

“I’m going to miss you, dear. Goodluck” she pulled her into a hug but Kaylan didn’t reciprocate.

“You should go now” the Queen said when they disengaged from the hug and quietly, Kaylan turned towards the carriage.
And as she was about walking in, she spotted her step sistes, gawping and sniggering at her. Obviously, they were happy for her misfortune.

She decided to ignore and just walked in, the curtains being closed afterwards.

In no time, the carriage was moving, making her shake a little.

That man – she thought angrily.
She was definitely going to make sure they divorce.

Yes – she’d make him so angry to the extent he’d have to send her back home. Exactly! That was going to be her plan!


In a dark room…

Master Xander stood in front of the three men who were on their knees, tied up in chains.

Their whimpers echoed in the silence, accompanying the damp smell that filled the place.

The day was bright, but due to the purpose of the room, Xander made it dark.

“I won’t ask you again” he said after so many seconds, his sword in his right hand.

Three of his guards were in the room with him.

“Who do you work for?”

“No one… Please…we work for no one. Everything we did…was by our own will…” The first man lied again, his voice shaking

In a split second, Xander lifted his sword and sliced through his neck, making him drop dead on the floor..

Terror filled the eyes of the last two. Only his guards didn’t really flinch because they were used to the view already.

Xander looked at the second man on his knees. He didn’t need to repeat the question.

“Please, My Lord…” He shivered. “We are not…”

Another sharp sound was heard immediately as Xander sliced through his neck, making him drop dead on the floor

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The last man…fear was a word too small to describe how he felt and he didn’t even let Xander look at him before spilling out the truth.

“It was Royce!” He said aloud, his eyes dilating so bright.
“Royce… Royce sent us!”

There was a pause.

Xander was a little surprised. Royce?

He glanced at the floor, then slowly took his eyes to the man

“Please my Lord! That’s the truth!; I’ve told you the truth already! Please!” The man gibbered and for a few seconds, Xander was silent.

Then, in his usual cold tone, he said:
“You shouldn’t have wasted my time”.

And ‘swipp!” Went the sword on the man’s neck as well.

Xander dropped the stained sword on the floor and started walking out afterwards while two of the guards in the room set out to take care of the bodies.
The third followed him.

His steps announced power as he marched towards his chambers, fully dressed in his armor.

All the maids and guards he’d come across stopped walking and bowed to pay their respect to him. And finally, he got into his chambers.

“My Lord!” One of his guards came running in immediately, but he didn’t turn to look at him as he concentrated on taking off his armor.

“I just wanted to inform you that princess Kalyan’s on her way already”

Xander paused and turned slightly to look at him from his shoulders.

“Who’s Kaylan?” He asked and the guard wouldn’t say he was surprised.

“Um…the lady you’re getting married to” he replied and with the same blank expression, Xander looked away.

“It’s today?” He mumbled as he walked towards his closest and that was the part that cracked the guard up.
He had actually forgotten his own wedding date!

“Yes, my Lord. The letter was brought in yesterday” he replied anyway, with a bow.

Xander completely took off his heavy clothings, then walked into the bathroom afterwards; not saying another word.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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