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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 3

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 3

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan gasped and looked at him.
What the…What’s he talking about?

“What?” Her face crumpled up instantly. “I don’t…I don’t understand”.

Even her mother was looking patently shocked.

“You heard me right, Kaylan. Get ready because first thing in the morning, you’re leaving for his mansion” the King answered blatantly, but Kaylan still wanted to let believe she was misunderstanding him.
No; she definitely wasn’t hearing him clearly.

She looked at her mother who was shocked to the teeth, her eyes dilating.

“Father!” She turned back to the King. “You can’t…you can’t possibly be serious, right? I mean, this is not possible! You can’t just marry me off to… to that Master? It’s not possible!”

“Well, it’s possible, Kaylan and it’s happening tomorrow. Guards!”

Two guards came scuttling in immediately.

“Escort the princess to her room and make sure she stays in there” he ordered and the guards bowed and took hold of Kaylan’s arms.

“Father!” She gasped. “no! You can’t possibly do this to me! I’m not getting married! No!”

“Take her away;” the King said fiercely and the guards forcefully dragged Kaylan away.

The Queen was in shock. Her daughter was getting married to that monster?

“My King…” She called but suddenly ran out of words.
She didn’t even know what to think or say and the King didn’t make any attempt to help her.

She took in a deep breath and hurried out of the throne room, going after her daughter.
Later in the evening…
The Queen walked into the King’s chambers, holding the small tray in her hand.

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“My King…” She bowed and dropped the tray on the table.
The King had been reading.

“Hapitha” he called, sparing her a glance.

“Good evening, your Majesty. Sorry to bother you. I just felt you might be needing some company”

“Oh! It’s okay, Hapitha. You can take a seat” The King replied and she smiled lightly and took a seat.
Soemthing in his guts told him she was there for her daughter.

“Um…I made you some tea, my King. Hope you’ll like it” she moved the tray closer to him and the King sighed and took the cup from it, taking a sip.

“Thank you” he muttered.

A short silence passed with the King just reading his book and the Queen staring at him. Then, she decided she had to spill out her reason for being there.

“Your Majesty” she began. “I..I thought you didn’t want to give any of the princesses to the Xander community?”

There was a pause, then King Moreh sighed and replied:
“I didn’t want to, Hapitha. But your daughter’s actions has made me change my mind”.

“Oh! Your Majesty!” She exclaimed softly. “I know Kaylan is extremely stubborn, but there are so many ways to punish her”.

“My points exactly” the King cut in, taking his eyes off his book. “Kaylan is extremely stubborn and needs a man like Xander to tame her”.

“Your Majesty… he’ll kill her”.

“Then, so be it. If she values her life, she’d change for him. But if she really wants to die, then she can go ahead and act stubborn towards him. At least, the Creators would know I tried my best for her”.

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“My King…” She called almost ruefully. “I know what Kaylan did was bad, but she doesn’t deserve such a life. Xander…Xander is too ruthless. He doesn’t even know the meaning of love or romance. And to think…to think he’s lost his previous wives…Oh, dear God! I feel so scared for my daughter”.

The King didn’t respond as he flipped over a new page on the book.

The Queen sniffed and decided to use the last option she had because it was obvious the King wasn’t going to change his mind.

“Your Majesty…” She began.
“Since she’s been too much of an embarrassment to you… permit me to take her far from here. I’ve spoken to her already and she’s promised to change. she gave me her word. We… we can go very far and start up a new life. At least, that’d be better than having her marry that man”.

“That isn’t possible, Hapitha” The Kings voice was cold. “Kaylan’s never going to change and no matter where she goes, she’s only gonna keep making so much trouble. So, I need to give her a new name – a new identity. And marrying her to Xander would definitely do all that. She’d be known as Xander’s wife and the shame and responsibility would reduce drastically” .

“Oh God…” The Queen bent her head and sobbed softly.
Her daughter’s life was doomed. It was completely doomed.

Oh! Why did this have to happen to her?

She tried using her tears but unfortunately, the King was someone that was never moved by tears. So, she just had to give up – completely.

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“I’ll.. I’ll be on my way now, My King” she bowed ruefully and left .


She returned to kaylan’s room and found her on the floor and as soon as Kaylan spotted her, she sprang up on her feet.

“Mother” she called anxiously. “How did it go?”

“I’m sorry, Kaylan” the Queen shook her head ruefully. “But the King is adamant and wouldn’t change his mind. You’re getting married to Xander”

Kaylan felt all the blood drain from her system as she stared at her mother.

Her hands became weak and she stepped back.

“This is all your fault” The Queen queried. “if only you had listened to me and just minded your business, none of this would be happening Kaylan. None of these”

“So, is that enough reason to send me to my death?” She half yelled, pointing her finger to the west.

“Why doesn’t he just behead me instead? Does he prefer a slow death?”

“Kaylan! Stop it!” The Queen gasped. “You mustn’t speak that way about your father. To be honest, this all your fault”.

“Well, I don’t want to get married, mother! I’m not ready for marriage; not to Xander, not to anyone!”

She marched angrily to face the window.

Argh!! How dare he? How dare he punish her this way over some little offences?

She wasn’t ready to become anybody’s wife because definitely, she’d make the worst wife ever!


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