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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 5

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 5

(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

Sitting in the moving carriage, Kaylan couldn’t stop thinking. And as they got closer to the Xander community, and felt she was getting closer to her Nightmare.

Good Lord! All the bravery she’d been feeling a while ago was beginning to dwindle, did down…How did she even think she’d be able to survive this guy in the first place? This strange cruel Master like she’s heard?

What would happen at night?
Oh God! She didn’t even want to think about it. What if he asks for…s*x?

Hell no! She’d definitely turn him down. There’s no way she was getting intimate with him, not now, never!

As soon as she gets there, she’d carry out her plans of making him angry so he’d divorce her. Yes – exactly!
When she’s made him angry enough and given him enough trouble, she was sure he’d send her parking home..



The carriage was fast approaching the big gates of the community and as they did, Kaylan felt more nervous.

Oh…! Come on, Kaylan, you can do it… she tried reassuring herself but couldn’t. Why was she feeling so scared with each progress they made towards the community?

Finally, she could hardly take it again. She could hardly take it and just wanted to run off, run away.

“Stop the carriage! Stop moving!” She yelled at the rider and in a few seconds, the horses were forced to stop moving.

The curtains were opened immediately, revealing a guard.

“Princess Kaylan” he called. “Is there a problem?”.

“Um… I just…I need to free myself. I’m very pressed” she answered as she itched the back of her neck.

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The guard hesitated a little.
“But there’s a hardly a toilet here. You can…”

“Oh! Don’t worry, I can wee in the bush- behind those trees. You won’t see a thing , I promise” she feigned a smile and the guard gave her the go ahead.

She stepped out of the carriage carefully so she doesn’t step on her extremely long dress and trip.

She looked around, liking the fact that there were so many bushes there. She could easily run away in the process.

“Excuse me” she smiled to the guard and walked towards the bush.

She walked slowly, turning to look at them at intervals and to make sure they weren’t watching. Well, of course they shouldn’t be watching. How can they watch a lady who’s trying to ease herself? That could be seen as a punishable offence.

She walked into the bush, stood behind one of the trees and acted like she wanted to pull down her dress. But when she looked again and discovered the guards weren’t watching, she started running away.

“The princess! She’s getting away!” One of the horse riders yelled when he noticed and immediately, the two guards set out after her.

“Princess Kaylan! Princess Kaylan!” They called.

Kaylan ran as fast as she could do, but due to the heavy clothes she had on, she couldn’t be as fast as she used to and the guards unfortunately caught up with her .

“No! Let me go!” She yelled and tried struggling with the strong hands that held her waist, but it was impossible getting free from them.

“Princess Kaylan! What’re you doing? Are you really trying to escape? Is that what you want?” The guard scolded and Kaylan became angrily calm, pouting her lips.

“Please, I wouldn’t want to get into trouble because of this. We have to return to the carriage – now” he further said and Kaylan perfunctorily followed him back to the ride.

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She got in and no time, the carriage was moving again.
Damn it! Her plan failed! Why didn’t she run faster, huh?

Or perhaps, she’d have gone deeper into the bush before attempting to run away.

Oh Kaylan! You’re so doomed!


They didn’t make another stop until they had gotten to the Master’s mansion – a place which looked like a Palace to Kaylan.

The curtains were opened for her and she stepped out gracefully with her eyes going around.
Wow! The mansion was so big and resembled that of a palace. Was there any difference?

“Please Princess Kaylan, come with me” the guard said and led the way, while Kaylan followed.

She kept looking around, admiring the beauty of the place.

She’s spotted some men training in the field – training with swords. Hmph. She’s always been so scared of sword fights.

She continued looking around, finding the whole view amusing and finally, they entered a hallway that looked different – more beautiful.

“Hold on; where are we going?” She hastened her steps towards the guard and asked and he replied:

“To the Master’s chambers”

“Hah!” She gasped.
They’re going to his Chambers so soon?

“But…But why?” She asked, even if it sounded stupid.

The guard looked at her and chuckled.

“You need to carry out the marriage rites this morning” he answered simply and looked ahead.

They’d come across some maids who stopped and bowed for Kaylan as she walked by.
Well, it was nothing new to her as she’d been experiencing it bsdk there at the palace as well.

Kaylan kept thinking about her soon to be husband. What does he even look like? Funny enough, she’s never seen the face of the man she’s getting married to.
More craps! She’s definitely going to end this marriage in a short time from now. Just give her some days.
They got to the chambers but the guards at the door told them Xander wasn’t in at the moment.
Thank goodness! Kaylan thought happily.

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“You’ll need to go in and wait for him, then” the guard said. “He’ll be back soon”.

Kaylan nodded and walked into the room, feeling relieved her meeting with the Master would have to be post poned, even if it had to be for a few minutes.

She got into the room and took a long, deep breath, loving the fragrance that welcomed her.

Why was his room so beautiful, huh? She’d actually been thinking it’d be as ugly as they say he was.

She nodded as she looked around, wearing a look of possession.

She walked to the big bed and sat on it, but God! It was so hard!!

“How does he enjoy sleeping on soemthing like this, huh!” She mumbled as she pressed her ass on the bed and stood up.

She threw her legs happily and walked deeper into the room. The room was so big and looked manly enough. .urgh! Where was he anyway?

She spotted soemthing beautiful on the table and hurried towards it, lifting it up.

It was a cup, made of glass and had Xander’s name on it.
Wow! Must be quite expensive – she thought.

She turned it around in her hand, admiring it’s quality and design and suddenly, she heard a deep scary voice was behind:

“Don’t touch what’s mine”.

The voice was so deep, it made Kaylan flinch and as she turned to have a look, the glass accidentally left her hand and crashed on the floor.
It has started.

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