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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 9


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 9

Kaylan and Jaden were both lying on the bed, their legs and arms sprawled apart as they talked and talked about a lot of thing. But shortly, their blissful moment was intrrupted by a knock on the door

“Oh!! Who’s that?” Kaylan half yelled as she sat up pn the bed, feeling disturbed.

The door went open afterwards and a guard walked in – Aiken.

Aiken’s brows arched in Surprise when he found the strange lady in the room.

“Hey! Who’re you and what’re you doing there?” He inquired, placing his hand on his sword.

“Will you take your hands off that?? She’s my friend!” Kaylan snapped and he relaxed.

“Hold on; so you were really gonna use that on me?” Jaden scoffed. “You must be a joke”.

Aiken wanted to react, but considering they were ladies, he just restricted himself and went straight to the reason he www there.

“Sorry to disturb you, princess. But it’s time for the marriage rites” he said respectfully and Kaylan’s cheeks turned red.

“Huh? It’s time already?” She muttered to herself but Aiken nodded anyway.
“Um…Okay, then. I’ll be there soon”.

“I was instructed to bring you, Princess. So,we need to leave now” Aiken told her and she bit her little finger.

“Fine! Just wait outside” she rolled her eyes.

“Please, hurry” he added and left.

“That guy’s such a jerk, huh?” Jaden snorted as soon as he left and Kaylan left the bed and ran to the mirror.

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“My dress is still looking okay, right?” Kaylan asked, twirling in front of the mirror.

“Yeah, of course. Um… Kaylan, do you think you’ll be spending the night with him today?” Jaden asked and fear gripped Kaylan immediately.
God! She didn’t even think of that aspect.

“Urgh! Of course, not. Why would he ask me to spend the night with him?” She frowned.

“Are you kidding me, Kay? Are you forgetting the main reason he needs a wife?? It’s because he needs a successor. So , you two need to make babies..”

“Shut up, Jaden. We’re not making any babies. As a matter of fact, I’m never letting that guy touch me. Grr! He looks so scary and I doubt if he’s ever been to bed with a woman. It’s possible he doesn’t even know how to do it” she paused and laughed at her own words, covering her mouth with her palm.
Jaden just watched her like a movie.

“Anyway, let’s go now before he says I’m late” she stated sarcastically and started today the door while Jaden followed her.
Aiken had been waiting outside like he claimed and he led them to the big hall where the marriage was to take place.

Roseline had attended about 2 marriages before and they sure looked better than this. They had people all over with red beautiful designs and the rest. But in her case, it was looking almost like a rat funeral. Hmph.

She found just about 5 people in the hall in total – two women, a boy and two ladies and she didn’t bother to know who they were.

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Xander was standing at the extreme with the priest in front of him and they all seemed to be waiting for her. Oh.

She rolled her eyes and kept her head bowed as she marched towards the extreme to join Xander who was just staring into space like a robot.

“Now, the bride is here. Can we begin now?” The royal priest asked but nobody replied.
So, he took that as a *yes* and proceeded.


The marriage was as short as a rabbit as within the twinkle of an eye, it was all over and everyone dispatched.

“Welcome to the family, dear” one of the women she had seen in the hall said warmly to Kaylan just when she was about leaving.

Hold on; family? Who was the woman? She thought Xander had no family?

“Um… Thank you” She replied anyway and the woman smiled and left.

The other ladies didn’t even pay attention to her but just simply left. And as for the boy…he gave her a light smile before leaving.
Happy married life, darling. I can’t believe you’re finally Mrs Xander ” Jaden said teasingly as they walked side by side back to their chambers.

“Come off it, Jaden. I wouldn’t even call this a wedding. It’s the whackest wedding I’ve ever experienced my whole life” Kaylan Said with so much irritability and Jaden laughed.

“Anyway, I’m sincerely sorry about this, Kaylan. But don’t worry, I’m sure… things would get better.

“By the way, I’m soo hungry. Where’s the kitchen, huh?”
Aiken was standing behind Xander as he took off his heavy clothes so he’d be a little free. For someone that was getting married for the 3rd time, he didn’t expect him to feel any excitement of course. And that was the reason he wasn’t surprised as he acted so cold and quiet.

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But then, following the marriage rites, he should be in bed with his new wife right? Shouldn’t that be the first thing they do after solemnization?

“My Lord’ he called after a few seconds but Xander didn’t respond.

“Should I get you you the princess?”

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