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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 17


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 17

By: Faith Lucky

Princess Sharon walked out of the palace, far away until and she was able to spot them.

She held the tip of her bulky dress and marched towards them, counting her steps carefully and she exhaled deeply when she was finally standing in front of them – her maid, the strange woman and the strange guy.

“Good evening, princess” the woman greeted immediately and the young boy did same.

“Is he the one?” Sharon asked, dancing her eyes around the young cute looking boy.

“Yes, Princess. His name is Matthew” the maid replied.

“And are you sure he’s really good at it? You know what we’re up against”. Sharon said.

“He’s very good, princess. He was highly recommended. He’s a Master at it” replied the maid with so much confidence.
Her confidence made Sharon feel a little relieved.

“Hmm” she took her eyes around them.

“And you’ll be the one to act as his mother, right?” Snd asked, referring to the older woman.

“Yes, Princess. Everything is in order already and there’s nothing to worry about” the woman relishment and Kaylan nodded in agreement.
She had better been so sure about that.

“Okay then”: she sighed and held out the wrap of coins to her
“This is just half of the payment. As soon as the job is completed, you’ll be getting the other half. If you fail”,
This time around, she directed her gaze to the boy.
“You’ll need to refund every single coin Do you understand?”

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“There’ll be no need for that, princess. We’re definitely not going to fail” the boy said reassuringly and Sharon felt her cheeks getting heated up.

“Good. You may go now” she told them and they all bowed and left.
Then, she turned and proceeded to the palace with her maid.

“My Princess” her maid suddenly Called.
“Um…you know, I’m solidly behind you and your plan. But… I’ve been worried. You and Lord Xander haven’t even met yet. He….he doesn’t know you. So, how do you intend getting him for yourself since you’re trying so hard to push Princess Kaylan away?”

Laura was expecting an angry reaction from her princess,but instead, she just smiled.

“Every achievement has plans,Laura” she said. “And every plan has steps. So, don’t worry, soon enough, everything would fall into place”.


Kaylan and Jaden had woken up the next morning, feeling so fulfilled and ready for another day at the tanvern.

“Do we really have to go to this thing everyday, Kaylan? I don’t think I like the idea. I mean…it deprives me of a long night” Jaden grumbled as she sat and stretched on the bed.

“Stop being such a lazy ãss Jaden. I’ll be in the bathroom” Kaylan stood up and went into the bathroom afterwards while Jaden laid back on the bed to sleep

It wasn’t long before a knock came on the door.

“Urgh!! Who is it?” Jaden grouse without lifting her head from the head rest.

“It’s a maid, ma’am. I’m here to clean up the room” the tiny voice replied.
Huh? So early? Jaden thought.

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“Okay. Okay come in” she rolled her eyes and went back to her mini-sleep again while the maid walked in and set out to work.


When Kaylan was done bathing, she woke Jaden ip and forced her into the bathroom.

“What is wrong with you, Jaden? It’s not like it’s that early. The day is so bright already” Kaylan said
At that time, the maid was already out of the room.

“Don’t talk to me, Kaylan” Jaden grouse and ambled to tbe bathroom.
In a short time, the two ladies were done dressing up and ready to leave.
Jaden took their usual bag from the floor and left the room.

“Don’t worry, on our way home today, I’ll get you a lot of fruits” Kaylan said as they walked towards the gate of the mansion and Jaden smiled a little, her face brightened up.

“You better do,Kaylan. I’m actually the brain behind all these. If it wasn’t for me…”

“Oh! Will you just shut up already? You’re tbe brian behind what? Urgh!”

They suddenly bumped into someone – a guy.
Oh! It was Madame Nadie’s son.

“Hey” he beamed as he stood in front of them.
He was wearing such a broad smile.

“New sister in law right?”

“Yeah… Good morning” Kaylan itched the back of her neck.

“Good morning princess. Are you going out so early?” He asked, his sweet ascent fascinating to Kaylan

“Um… I think so. I mean yes. My friend and I are just going out to get something” she fluttered back at him.

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“Oh! Why didn’t you ask one of the maids to get it for you?”

“Oh! No. Its nothing, I don’t want to stress anyone. Besides…. I just feel like taking a morning walk. So, don’t worry, I’ll be fine”.

There was a short silence

“Okay then. I’ll leave you to do your thing now. Bye”

And he left.

“Wow! He’s so cute, Kaylan” Jaden whispered to her as they walked out the gate and Kaylan juddered her.


Getting to the tanvern, it was a little crowded as usual.

“Oh!! They’re here again!!” One of the men exclaimed and the rest followed with laughters.

Kaylan had a warm smile on her face as she walked close and took a seat. Urgh! She was really out to make so much money.

“Good morning gentlemen” she beamed. “Trust y’all had a pleasant night?”
Most of them watched her like a celebrity.

“Yeah, it was fine, dorlie”.

“So…who is up for a challenge today?” She asked, expecting one of the men to take up the seat.

“I am” a voice suddenly replied, a voice that wasn’t from the crowd.

They all turned to have a look and woah!! It was a young handsome boy. Hmm.

“Oh. A young boy verses a young girl” one of the men chuckled and the boy smiled and took a seat.
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