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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 16


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 16

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan returned to the mansion with Jaden, feeling so happy and fulfilled.

They’d made so much money from the tanvern and it was just like a dream come true for Kaylan.

“God! Jaden, this is so much money and a real business!” Kaylan said with ecstasy as she poured out the coins from the bag.

“You know, I really need to save up so that,as soon as Xander divorces me, I’ll have enough money to take care of myself, just incase father decides to throw me out of the palace”.

“Oh, Kaylan! You’ll never cease to amaze me!” Jaden rolled her eyes and sat next to her. “I can’t believe you’re still thinking about a divorce”.

“Of course, Jaden! Xander isn’t my dream husband – not at all. He isn’t the kind of person I’d planned on getting married to. Besides, I don’t even want to be married now – not yet” she pouted.

“Fine. By the way, I’m so hungry! Please, get me something to eat” Jaden grumbled with her hand on her tummy.

“Oh,,my baby! Stay here. Mummy’s gonna get you something to eat” Kaylan said mimickingly and ran out of the room, while Jaden laughed.

In front of Lord Xander’s Chambers.

A guard stood outside the door in his usual position, guarding the room since Lord Xander wasn’t around.

Suddenly,a maid came running to him.

“Help! Help me please! My friend…she just collapsed” she gibbered, making the guard look perplexed.

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“Hey, calm down. What is it? What is the problem?” He asked concerned, but she still kept panting.

“My friend! We were just walking..and she suddenly collapsed!! Please,help me! Help her! She’s on the other block”

“Where is she? Take me to her!” He said and the scared- looking maid led the way.

Hours Later …

Xander walked into his chambers as he returned from the field, his sword in his hand.

His right arm had a deep cut due to the injury he had sustained from a attack on his way to the mansion. Well, of course, the man that used his sword on him was no longer alive.

“Axel” he called in a grunt.
It was so obvious he was angry because he hated the fact that he was almost defeated – almost. His enemy even had the chance to cut him

“My Lord!” Axel came running in with a bow.

“Get me Anya” he ordered Immediately and Axel bowed and left.

Alone in the room, he took off his shirt and took a proper look at the cut. Damn! He wasn’t really feeling the pains, but the fact that his enemy cut him was what annoyed him the most.
Xander’s greatest enemy was defeat and anything close to it.

He reached for a piece of cotton which was no longer in use and tied it round the arm, his face crumpled up in displease.

Then shortly, Anya came in.

“My Lord…”

“Get on the bed, Anya” he didn’t let her finish up the formalities and slowly, she took off her clothes and walked to the bed, climbing into it.
She’d noticed the cut on his arm but decided not to say a word.

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Xander turned to look at her, loving the sight in front of him.

“Spread them more – your legs” his voice was too icy and feeling a little nervous, she created more space inbetween her legs.

Oh! She shouldn’t be feeling this way. She’s been with this man for so many months now and should’ve been used to his brutal ways already.

She heard him taking off his clothes and next, he was climbing up behind her.

He settled well inbetween her legs and without prepping or anything, he went straight to the point by driving his d!ck right into her.

“Oh…” Anya moaned against the pillows, trying to gulp down the pains.

With Xander, it’s always been more pain than pleasure.

He pushed his full size into her, hitting all the way to the hilt. He pulled out to the tip and went right in again with a full force and she screamed.

Her breath wavered and her legs shook on tbe bed.

Xander steadied his position and continued drilling into her – out to the tip, and all the way to the hilt again.

Her erratic moans filled the room, not even a grunt was heard from him except from the look on his face.

Her b00bs bounced on the bed, her flat tummy rubbed hard on the surface and when he yanked her hair hard, she let out another scream.

Out there to the world, he was a thought and feared of as a monster. And in bed, he was a beast.
The session was a long one and when he reached climax and released into her, she took in a deep breath, knowing it was over.

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He pulled out of her and left the bed and she waited for him to be sure he was already dressed up before she left the bed as well.

She took her clothes from the floor and put them on, then turned towards him.
He was mixing somethings on the table.

“I hope you’ve been taking the herbs, Anya” he said gruffly. “I don’t want to hear what I don’t want to hear”.

Anya’s heart skipped a bit.

“Of…Of course, my Lord. I always take them after each session” she answered nervously with a bow.
Those were the herbs to prevent her from getting pregnant.

“You can leave” he commanded and she bowed and left the room.

Xander took the concotion he had mixed in a cup and gulped it down, a displease ran through his face at the sour taste.

Suddenly, something caught his attention from the other table.

He walked towards it and took a proper look, staring at all his gold medals and awards. Something was strange there – something was missing.

He checked properly until he finally discovered it.

Hold on… His gold bracelet.
It was missing!

Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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