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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 48

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 48

By: Faith Lucky

“What important discussion do you say you want to have with me, Princess?” Xander asked as soon as Anya left and they were the only ones left in the room.

His left hand was held mid way to his midway to his chest.

Kaylan cleared her throat a bit and looked around before turning to face him. Okay…. What could she possibly tell him now? She actually didn’t think about it before barging into the room.

Xander didn’t need to repeat himself because the moment Kaylan took a look at him, she could see those impatient eyes staring at her.

“Can I sit?” She asked, pointing to the wooden chair beside the bed and Xander stared silently at her for a while before signaling her to go ahead.
And with a light smile on her face, she took the seat. Now, what other excuse does she have?

“You know.. I have to seek permission before sitting because that was how my father trained I and my sisters. My father – King Moreh – although, he’s always very busy, he never fails to find little time for us…”

Xander was marveled.

“It’s alright, Princess. You don’t have to go round the history” he cut her – tenderly tho.

“Of course” Kaylan smiled.
“Um…Now, over to the very important discussion, I just want to know, Your Lord, sorry, My Lord. Why do you act the way you do?”

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Xander remained unflinched. Although, he was surprised and confused, he didn’t know how to show hiis expression.

“Beg your pardon?” He asked.

“What I mean is… You’re always too serious, always too grumpy. You don’t even act like you’re married. Although, I know you were not really in support of this marriage, neither was I. But since it’s happened already, why don’t we just accept fate as it is and move on?

“You still sleep around and let another woman take my place. I’ve read books of how husbands sends gifts to their wives, treat them specially, But you? You’re different. You don’t even act like we’re married. Since I stepped into this mansion, we’ve never had breakfast, lunch or dinner together. It’s always been….”

Kaylan suddenly stopped when she discovered she’d been talking too much. Oh God! What has she been talking the whole time?

She paused and looked up at Lord Xander’s face. As usual, he wore an unreadable expression.

“I’m…. I’m sorry if I’ve spoken too much, My Lord” she bowed her head a little. But for what seemed like a long time to Kaylan, she didn’t hear him say a word.
Why was he so choosey with words?

He suddenly sighed and went closer to her.

“Princess Kaylan” he called tenderly. “Are you trying to say you’re ready to take your place in my bed?”

Kaylan’s eyes dimmed immediately. Whaaat??? Was that one of the things she’d Said??

“I…. I don’t think we should talk about that, My L…. Lord” she stuttered and Xander scoffed.

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“Or you trying to say…we should have breakfast, lunch and dinner together?” He asked and to that, Kaylan could give no reply.

Okay; it’s confirmed. Coming there was the biggest mistake she’s made in a long time. Maybe she should’ve just permitted him to do whatever he pleased with his séx Mistress. She shouldn’t had stopped them!

“You should know me, Princess” Xander continued.
“I have a community to rule, and not just a wife to please. But still, I respect your decision and bravery to come before me and lay your complaint, and for that, I’ll look into it”.

Surprise ran through Kaylan immediately. He’ll look into it? Oh…

“Um…. That would be nice, My Lord. Thank you for your consideration. If you wouldn’t mind, I beg to take my leave”. She smiled, bowed and walked past him to the door.

“And Princess” Xander called back her attention.
Although, Kaylan turned around to look at him, Xander didn’t turn and that way, she could only stare at his back.

“Next time, you don’t have to interrupt my time because you want me to notice your new look. Have a nice day”.
And with that, he left, going into his inner room while Kaylan stood there, dumbfounded.

The hell???
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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