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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 59


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 59

By: Faith Lucky

The woman in the room with Jaden, stood up immediately.

“I’m so sorry dear, but you need to leave now. I think you’re better. Besides, when you get home, you can get yourself a better physician, Okay?” She stated calmly, and Jaden just nodded as she stood up, wondering why her mother had been so hard on her.

“Thank you for your help. I really appreciate” she said.

“You’re welcome. Um….hold on”.
The woman rushed to her bag and returned with some coins.
“You should use this for your transportation because I’m not so sure you’re having one with you”.

Jaden was surprised. Was that harsh woman really her mother!??

“Thank you so much; I… I don’t even know how to thank you enough” she expressed.

“Well, you don’t really have to. I just hope you don’t get into more trouble. You should leave now. I’ll take you to a place where you can find a ride”.
She opened the door and led her out of the snug little house.

They both had to cover a lot of distance before finding a ride and Jaden thanked the woman some more before entering the carriage, heading home.
Kaylan arrived at the spot where she had left Jaden and looked around. It was empty.
Oh! Of course; what had she been thinking?? Was she really expecting to just find them there? Waiting for her the whole time? She had a feeling they wouldn’t be there anymore; she just didn’t want to think about it.

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She itched her hair and looked around. Oh! Where could Jaden possibly be? She could remember leaving her with the woman. How on earth does she locate her from there?

She walked some paces around, wishing she could see anyone or anything helpful. But, there was no clue at all.

“Jaden??” She called out.

Ok, goodness! Where does she go from here?


Lord Xander’s eyes went open on the bed, his hands on his chest.

“Xander!” He heard a female voice called, and knew it was his aunt.

He could tell he was in his chambers; on the bed. But, his head….

“Xander, are you alright?” Madame Nadia asked with concern in her voice as she rushed up and sat next to him on the bed.

Xander said nothing as he tried sitting up, but went through so much pains due to the deep cut on his arm. He ignored the pains anyways, and still sat up. And looking around the room, he could see Axel, the Physician, Mansi and his aunt who was sitting next to him.

“Oh! Thank the creators you’re finally awake” Madame Nadia exhaled deeply.
“I was so scared for you,Xander; so scared you wouldn’t recover. But, thank goodness I was proven wrong”.

Xander said nothing still, as he went into deep thoughts.

He could remember …

The fight..

He looked at Axel.

“What happened to me?” He asked gruffly.

“You were poisoned, My Lord” Axel said. “The fight didn’t go so well”.

Instantly, memories from the fight came flashing into his head.
He could recall Berlin cutting him with his sword, and making his back touch the ground. He could remember….

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“How was I poisoned?” He asked, his gaze on the floor.

“I discovered it was from your tea” the Physician replied, stepping forward.
“Whoever made it added some poison to it”.

What? Hilda….

“How did I end up here?” Xander asked.
“How did the fight end?”
Because he could remember it was a fight to the death.

“You were saved by Princess Kaylan” he answered.
“She had stepped in and stopped Prince Berlin from using his sword on you. It was just a lucky escape”.

And the memories came flashing into Zane’s head. Indeed, he could remember….

*No!! Please, don’t!!!

*He was poisoned!!!*
He could hear her screaming.

“Where’s the Princess?” He asked coldy.

“Don’t know. It seems she went out” Axel replied.

He grunted a little as he stood up.

“Xander…” Madame Nadia tried holding him down, but he didn’t let them as he stood up and took a brief walk to the window.

He stood in front of it and gazed outside, the full memories of what had happened, playing back in his head.

“Axel!” He called calmly, but his tone also deadly.

“My Lord” Axel budged forward, ready for his command.
It took Xander sometime before he proceeded.

“As soon as the Princess is back, bring her to me. Hilda – I want you to search round for her, and bring her to me, alive. And get the horses ready. First thing in the morning, we ride out”.

Axel was confused.

“Ride out?” He furrowed his brows. “To where, My Lord?”
And with a hard look, Xander turned to look at him:

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“I have an unfinished business with Berlin”. He gritted.

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