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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 57

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 57

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan sobbed on the unconscious body on the floor, holding him tight. She didn’t exactly know what she was doing; wasn’t thinking straight. But, the moment she’d seen Xander reach the floor, she couldn’t get a grip of herself and had to rush in.

Prince Berlin was disturbed, the murmurings from the crowd getting louder and louder.

“Get away, Princess” Berlin gritted, his sword still held up high.
“Because you’re no friend of mine. I’ll slash your through your neck, just to get to him”.

“He was poisoned!!!” Kaylan yelled out – tearfully.
“SOMEONE POISONED HIM!! Someone who wanted him to lose this fight”.

She could see the twitch in Berlin’s eyes. The coordinator was already getting closer.

“Hey! What’s going on??” He demanded.
“Step aside, Princess! You won’t be spared!”
More hefty men were already trooping in, and Axel didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity by jumping in as well.

“He was Poisoned!!” Kaylan cried out.
“Take a look at him; The Xander we all know wouldn’t be this weak! He was poisoned!! Please!!” She wept.

“That doesn’t matter. The battle is on already! Get away!!” Berlin yelled as he grabbed her arm and tried pulling her away, but stubborn Kaylan wouldn’t let herself be moved.

“No!! You have to listen to me! Something is wrong! His enemy poisoned him; they poisoned him so he loses this fight! Pleasen!” She cried, still.

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“What you’re saying is out of sense, young lady” one of the men that had newly arrived said.
“Get away and let your husband finish the fight himself”.

“Why don’t we hear her out??!” Axel’s voice was suddenly heard as he showed up.
“Do we just turn a blind eye to it? Obviously, he looks poisoned!”

Prince Berlin could barely control his temper anymore.

“This little witch is just being a distraction. Get her away from here!!” He roared and lifted his sword high again, but Axel was fast enough to hold him.

“Lower your weapon, Berlin” he said.

“You have no right to tell me what to do!!” Berlin’s eyes glinted.

“Berlin!!” One of the coordinators called.
He said nothing else, but his deep tone indicated he wanted Berlin to lower his weapon.

The second man lowered himself to the floor where Xander was and examined him. Berlin was boiling with rage; this wasn’t the plan! It shouldn’t go this way. The hell; it shouldn’t!

The man in front of Xander, stood up afterwards.

“He’s indeed, poisoned” he announced, creating a puzzled look on the faces of the others.

“Poisoned??” One of them flinched.

“Yes. Although … not deadly. But it’s meant for dizziness and weakness” the man replied and all eyes turned to Berlin.

He was amazed.

“And why are you looking at me?” He snarled.
“This isn’t the rules of the fight. It’s a fight to the death!!” He roared.

“Yes! But, not when there’s a dubious means involved” Axel chipped in, his eyes glaring real hard at Berlin.

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A short silence stepped in, with just Kaylan’s whimpers and the crowd mumblings being heard.

“Prince Berlin” the chief coordinator called, taking a step closer.
“Would you agree to continue this fight another day? When Lord Xander is taken care of?”

Berlin could hear a loud bang in his head.

Hell no; He knows Xander too well. If he leaves this place alive, he was definitely going to come back for him; come back to have his head. And he’d be a dead man by then.

“Prince Berlin?” The coordinator called, getting no response from him.

“This.wasn’t.the.plan” Berlin spelt out the words and angrily marched away.
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