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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 43

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 43

By: Faith Lucky

Her lips went shut when she saw Xander coming out of the room.

She took her bottom lips into her mouth immediately, suddenly running out of words. Where was he off to, huh? She needed him to be in the room to….make it easier for her. She was still trying to prepare herself.

Her eyes danced around him as he walked towards her direction, taking his usual gentle steps – gentleness that can be deceptive.

He had his sheath in his left arm and wore a black cloth which made Kaylan think he was going to the field to practice – as usual. Does he think of anything else aside war??

She continued staring glumly at him until he’d gotten to where she was. Xander was of course, surprised seeing her there, but being the kind of man he was, he wasn’t ready to ask any questions and just decide it was best to walk away.

Kaylan’s heart gave a mighty leap when she saw him walking away. Hold on; whaaat???

She turned around immediately, going after him.

“Hey!” She felt so stupid for calling him that, but the words had already escaped her lips before she’d realize as Xander stopped and turned to look at her.

Oh ..

“Um… Sorry, I mean… My Lord” she bowed, the flowers dangling in her hand.

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Xander stared keenly at her without saying a word, and when Kaylan lifted her eyes to look at him, she felt some sparkles.
That was prolly the first time she was taking a really close and good look at him.
Hm. He had that dark – cold Xander-like expression, but his eyes sparkled with the dark shade around them. And with the black band around his head, it made him more ..

“Is there a problem, Princess Kaylan?” He asked icily, sounding serious and official like he always was.

Kaylan stuttered a little and cleared her throat.

“Um… My Lord” she began. “I wouldn’t really call it a problem but a problem solver”
She paused and proffered the flowers out to him.

“I um… I actually want to apologize to you for… what happened yesterday; the things I said. I never really meant them and hope you can forgive me”
She paused and looked at the flowers again.

“I made this for you and hope you can accept it. They’re beautiful”. She added.

Her heart was beating really fast. But seriously, why does she have to feel anxious? It wasn’t like he was a god or anything. Besides,, she was sure he wasn’t going to reject them. He wouldn’t dare.

For a moment, Xander was silent and just stared at the flowers with a blank expression. That was one thing people didn’t like about Lord Xander – you could never tell what he was thinking from his expression because he had a rare way of cloaking it.

Kaylan was beginning to have doubts as he hesitated in taking the flowers, but finally, he stretched out his hand and collected them.
Oops…! At last.

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She didn’t know when she exhaled deeply, making Xander glance at her. It was more like a heavy burden had been taken off her shoulders.

Lord Xander stared at the flowers in his hand, his silence making Kaylan wish she could know what he was thinking at all. And the moment he took a step towards her, she found herself moving back.
Goodness! What was wrong with her?

“Thank you for the flowers” Xander suddenly said, his eyes fixed on them, and not on Kaylan.
“But the next time you mock me with my past…. I might kill you myself”.

He handed the flowers to one of the guards behind him, turned around and continued walking away.


Prince Berlin stood in front of the window with his brother standing beside him.
They both had a drink in their hands.
“So, the letter has been sent to Lord Xander already?” Prince Noah asked, giving his brother sometime to sip from his cup.

“Yes. He should receive it soon”. Berlin replied.
It was a letter of invitation – inviting him to the sword fight.

No matter what, he was sure Xander would never reject the invitation because it was only going to be a slap to his face. That man has got too much pride and wouldn’t want the world to know he chickened out of a fight. And that was going to be his first weapon against him. He really couldn’t wait to humiliate him in the presence of everyone.

“But Berlin,” Noah called. “What exactly are your plans? How do you intend defeating Xander on the battle field? It’s known in all records – Xander has never lost a battle before – never”

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“He will -this time around” Berlin snapped in.
“You should know me, Noah; I’m not a fool. I knew the kind of man Xander was before asking for a fight from him. I’d wanted you to join me in it, but since you’re too scared, it’s fine. I’ll do it alone. But one thing’s for sure, Xander’s going down in my hands. I have my plans already – I’ll make him go on his knees right in front of me – just before I slash my sword through his neck. It’s a promise”.
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