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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 42


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 42

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan blinked rapidly as soon as Lord Xander walked away.
He didn’t see anything, did he?

She turned back to look at Asim.

“I really need to go now”.

“Of course. Goodnight”

And she scurried off.

Returning to her room, she thought about Xander. Why was he having such a cold look on when he saw them?

And recalling the look on his face, it made her suddenly have some double thoughts about giving the flowers to him. No; no matter what, she really needed to give the flowers to him.

She got to the room and found Jaden with the ash – just like she’d asked for.

“What took you so long huh? Jaden asked.
“Anyway, I hope this should be enough?”

“Yes. Thank you” Kaylan collected the ash from her and walked over to the table to set to work.
And as she did, Jaden noticed the slight change in her mood.


King Moreh was sitting comfortably in his room, re-reading the letter sent by Xander. He wouldn’t deny being amused as he wondered what could’ve possibly changed Xander’s mind. Why did he suddenly withdraw his threats and stated in the letter that he was no longer forcing him to sign the petition? Why?

Lord Xander has always been a man of his words – too cruel and changeless and that was the reason King Moreh couldn’t understand why he’d changed this mind all of a sudden.

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Well, it was a good thing he finally changed his mind because he wasn’t ready to sign the petition. He didn’t sign it then, and wasn’t ready to sign it at anytime at all.

There was a knock on his door and giving the go ahead, the door opened immediately with the Queen rushing in – Kaylan’s mother.

“Your Highness” she bowed with some intensity in her tone.
“Sorry if I’m disturbing your quiet time”

“It’s okay, Hapitha. You can have a seat” the King replied, but Hapitha wasn’t there to to sit.

“Your Highness, my mind can’t be at rest. I’ve heard the news about Lord Xander threatening you with Kaylan’s life and it’s really of great concern to me”.

“Xander has taken back his words” King Moreh cut in calmly.
“He’s withdrawn his threats and made it clear he’s no longer using coercion”.

“I know, but ..” she paused and scoffed.
“That isn’t enough reason to let it go, your Highness. We need to get Kaylan out of there. What if he decides to do this again?”

“He won’t, Hapitha?”

“He won’t? But how can you be so sure? Nobody was expecting this when it happened…”

“This shouldn’t be your concern, Hapitha. Kaylan is fine and I don’t think you should worry about it anymore. She’s better off being married to Xander”. The King said and a glint of anger flashed through Hapitha’s eyes.

“She’s better off being married to someone who can kill her at anytime?” She asked.
“Maybe you’re not even concerned about this because no matter the amount of threat Xander imposes on Kaylan’s life, you’re never going to care or bend in to Xander’s will because you DON’T care about her”.

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King Moreh’s eyes dimmed. How dare she raise her voice on the King?

“Of course, how would you care about her when she’s just one out of your many other children, dancing around you? How can I even expect you to care about her?!”

Queen Hapitha could be fearless at some point, and that was where Kaylan had gotten her rascality from.

Tearfully, she turned around and ran out of the room.


Kaylan had woken up with a big target in mind – and that was tendering her apology to Lord Xander.

A part of her was telling her not to care about his feelings and just ignore him, but another part kept speaking to her conscience and telling her what she did was wrong and needed an apology.

So, she decided to heed to the second part.

She’d already arranged the flowers the previous night and had them ready for delivery. They were looking so lovely.

“Do you think I should come with you?” Jaden asked from behind as Kaylan stood, admiring the flowers.

“He’s my husband, not OUR husband” Kaylan pointed out, making Jaden laugh.
“I just hope he doesn’t try to act grumpy because I’m definitely going to lose it and smash the entire flowers in his face. I’m trying so hard to be good here”.

“You had better be careful, Kaylan. Don’t do anything to upset him”. Jaden sqid

“Wherever. Wish me luck” Kaylan rolled her eyes and left the room.

She held the flowers carefully as she marched towards Lord Xander’s chambers. And as she did, she kept reciting her apology statement in her mind:

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“Oh, Mighty Lord Xander, I’m using this lovely flowers to apologize for what I said yesterday…”

No. That didn’t sound too well to her.

“My dear husband, I want to…”

No! Not husband. He doesn’t even act like a husband.

“You, grumpy man, I hope you can accept these flowers and…”

No; that sounded too rude.
Urgh! What exactly does she say, huh?


“Lord Xander, these flowers are meant to appease you for….”

She suddenly stopped talking when she noticed she’d arrived at Xander’s chambers.

It was now or never, Kaylan.

But as usual, there were two guards at the door post and she knew she needed to seek entrance from them.

“Good morning, Princess” they greeted with a bow.

“Oh. Morning to you too. I’m here to…”
Her lips went shut when she saw Xander coming out of the room.
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