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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 41


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 41

By: Faith Lucky

The two ladies were in deep shock as soon as the guard delivered the message and left.

Whaaat?? Her restriction has been lifted already?? So soon? What happened??

Kaylan turned to look at Jaden who was already staring at her.

“Hey; what do you think happened? Do you think your father has given into his demands?” Jaden asked curiously.

“Of course, not” Kaylan answered sharply.
“I know my father, Jaden. That man doesn’t care about me one bit. He’s never going to make even the tiniest sacrifice for me. Never”. She huffed and stood up to go face the window.

“So….do you think Xander had a change of heard on his own?” Jaden asked as she stood up as well and went closer to her.
“Do you think…. your words somehow… made him have a change of heart?”

“I don’t know. Is that even possible? Does someone like Xander still have a heart that can be changed?” Kaylan asked, crossing her hands below her chest.

Although, somehow, a voice wouldn’t stop whispering into her ears that her words were really behind it.

She turned from the window to look at Jaden.

“Do you think I should… apologize to him?” She asked, her brows creased.

“What?? Why?” Jaden’s eyes snapped open.

“I don’t know. Maybe to….. apologize to him for what I said. I just have a feeling my words hurt him so much”.

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“Well… Apologizing to him is a good idea. But how on earth do you plan on apologizing to someone like Xander?? Do you really have the nerves?” Jaden asked and Kaylan turned around to face the window again.

How can she possibly apologize to him?
Hm. Maybe she had an idea already.


It was so dark already, with the stars dancing in the sky, all around the moon and giving a beatific touch to the atmosphere.

While Jaden was away, Kaylan could be seen in the garden, picking out some colorful flowers and placing them in a bowl on the floor beside her.

She had great plans for the flowers and was hoping it was really going to go down well.

As she picked and placed them in a bowl, so many thoughts flashed through her mind. Like, what would’ve happened if her father didn’t fulfil Xander’s demands and she was still being used as a bait? Would he have killed her or something? But how could someone be so cruel to the extent of using his own wife as a bait without her knowledge?

When she’d heard stories of him being cold hearted and the rest, she never thought it’d be up to that extent. But now she understood. And thinking of it, wouldn’t it be dangerous to continue staying here with him?

“What’re you doing out here so late?” She suddenly heard a male voice from behind and quickly turned to see Asim – Madame Hapitha’s son. Oh.

She feigned a smile as she looked at him.

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“Hi. Good evening” she said.

“Good evening, Princess. Shouldn’t you be in your room? Why are you out here alone?” Asim asked, wearing a genuine concern on his face.

“Well, I um… I just need some flowers – as you can see” Kaylan shrugged and Asim dropped to a crouch beside her.

“And .. what does Princess Kaylan need flowers for, huh?” Asim asked teasingly.
“Are you trying to woo your husband or something?”
He had a cute smile – Kaylan suddenly thought.

Kaylan chuckled. She wanted to counter him, but since the flowers were really for Xander, she couldn’t.
But thinking about it, how exactly is she going to give the flowers to him? Would he accept it? Or act grumpy as always?

“So, the flowers are really for Xander, huh?” Asim asked, coming to a conclusion when she didn’t say anything to defend herself.

“Well, yes. Maybe” Kaylan shrugged.

She picked out another flower and dropped it in the bowl. She was looking out for the best.

“Those colors are too bright you know” Asim suddenly said, breaking into her thoughts.
“For someone like Xander, you should go with dark colors like this….”

He picked out a particular flower and held it out to her.

“I see. Thank you” she smiled as she collected the flower from him and dropped it in the bowl.

She picked out another, and Asim helped her again. And so it went until she figured she’d had enough.

“I heard about what happened..” Asim said as they stood up together.
“About Lord Xander trying to use you as a bait. Sorry about that’.

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“Yes, it’s fine” Kaylan sighed lightly.
“Everything’s fine now”.

Asim looked into the bowl and moved his hands around for a flower.

“I’m still wondering what exactly you plan on doing with these flowers, tho”
He picked out a bright colored flower the bow.
“But I think this would look really good on you”. He added and fixed the flower in her hair – just at the tip.

Kaylan blinked rapidly and let out a light smile.

“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now” she smiled and turned around to leave. And to her surprise, she found Xander standing and staring at them from a distance with some of his guards behind him.

Hold on…

She quickly turned to look at Asim who’d also seen Xander. Was Xander really watching them the whole time??

The flowers! The hell! He wasn’t thinking something else, was he?

She turned and continued staring blankly at him, his eyes completely dark and expressionless.

Cold memories flipped through her mind immediately. And quietly, he turned around and continued walking away with his guards
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